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          Exchange Student Experiences

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          Universidad de Belgrano 2006Spring 2009


          Australia National University

          Spring 2014

          Questionnaires: Spring 2014

          Deakin University

          Spring 2017

          Questionnaires: Spring 2017Spring 2017Spring 2018

          Flinders University

          Spring 2014

          Questionnaires: Spring 2014Spring 2018

          Griffith University Questionnaires: Summer 2018
          Macquarie University

          Spring 2012, YouTube: Fall 2011Summer 2013Spring 2016

          Questionnaires: Spring 2012Spring 2016Spring 2016

          Monash University

          Spring 2012, Spring 2014Spring 2015Spring 2015Fall 2015Spring 2016Spring 2016Spring 2016Summer 2016Summer 2016,  Spring 2017Spring 2018Spring 2019Spring 2019 (2)

          Questionnaires: Summer 2013Spring 2014Spring 2014Spring 2015Summer 2015Fall 2015Spring 2016Spring 2016Spring 2016Spring 2016Summer 2016Spring 2017Spring 2018Fall 2018Spring 2019

          Murdoch University

          Spring 2010Spring 2012, Summer 2012Spring 2016

          Questionnaires: Spring 2016

          Queensland University of Technology Questionnaires: Spring 2016Spring 2016Spring 2018
          University of Western Australia Questionnaires: Spring 2013


          Salzburg University of Applied Science Currently no exchange reports for this institution
          Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration

          Fall 2013Summer 2016Summer 2016Spring 2016Spring 2017Summer 2017Summer 2018Fall 2018

          Questionnaires: Fall 2013Spring 2014Summer 2016Summer 2016Spring 2016Fall 2016Fall 2016Summer 2018Fall 2018, Fall 2019

          Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

          Summer 2017

          Questionnaires: Summer 2017


          Université Catholique de Louvain

          Fall 2011-Spring 2012Spring 2014Fall 2014Fall 2015Spring 2017

          Questionnaire: Fall 2015Spring 2017


          HEC Montréal 

          Fall 2016Spring 2019

          Questionnaires: Fall 2016Spring 2019

          Université Laval

          Fall 2010Fall 2018

          Questionnaires: Spring 2014Spring 2015Fall 2018Fall 2018

          Université de Montréal

          Fall 2015-Spring 2016Fall 2016-Spring 2017Fall 2018

          Questionnaires: Fall 2015Fall 2015-Spring 2016Fall 2016Spring 2017Fall 2018


          Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

          2004Summer 2016Fall 2016

          Questionnaires: Summer 2016Fall 2016


          Jilin University 2006
          Renmin University of China

          Fall 2015Summer 2018, Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

          Questionnaires: Fall 2015Spring 2017Spring 2018Summer 2018, Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

          Shanghai Jiao Tong University Currently no exchange reports for this institution
          Tsinghua University

          Fall 2010Spring 2013Fall 2013Fall 2015Spring 2016Spring 2017, Fall 2018

          Questionnaires: Spring 2013Fall 2013Fall 2015Spring 2016Spring 2017, Fall 2018

          Zhejiang University Currently no exchange reports for this institution

          Czech Republic

          Charles University

          Spring 2010Spring 2013Fall 2015Spring 2016Spring 2017Fall 2018Spring 2019

          Questionnaire: Fall 2015Spring 2016Spring 2017Fall 2018Spring 2019

          University of Economics, Prague

          Fall 2013Fall 2015Spring 2016Spring 2017

          Questionnaire: Spring 2016Summer 2016, Fall 2019



          Universidad San Francisco de Quito

          Fall 2015Fall 2015

          Questionnaires: Fall 2015Fall 2015


          American University in Cairo

          Spring 2009

          Questionnaires: Spring 2007


          University College London

          Spring 2016

          Questionnaires: Spring 2016

          University of Bath

          Spring 2010Spring 2013,  Spring 2014Fall 2014Spring 2015Spring 2015Spring 2016Spring 2017Spring 2017Spring 2017Spring 2017Spring 2017Spring 2018Spring 2018Fall 2018Fall 2018 (2)Spring 2019

          Questionnaires: Spring 2015Spring 2015Spring 2015Spring 2016Spring 2017Spring 2017Spring 2017Spring 2017Spring 2018Fall 2018Fall 2018 (2)Spring 2019Spring 2019 (2)Spring (3)

          University of Birmingham

          Spring 2018

          Questionnaires: Fall 2014Spring 2018

          University of East Anglia

          Fall 2014Summer 2015Spring 2016Fall 2016-Spring 2017Fall 2017-Spring 2018

          Questionnaires: Fall 2014Summer 2015Summer 2015Spring 2016Fall 2017-Spring 2018, Fall 2019

          University of Leeds

          Spring 2010, Spring 2015Spring 2015Spring 2015Fall 2015-Spring 2016Spring 2016Spring 2016Spring 2016Fall 2017-Spring 2018Spring 2018

          Questionnaires: Fall 2011Fall 2012Spring 2015Spring 2015Fall 2015-Spring 2016Spring 2016Spring 2016Spring 2016Spring 2018Spring 2018

          University of Leicester

          Spring 2010Spring 2013Spring 2014Spring 2016

          Questionnaires: Spring 2014Spring 2016

          University of Manchester

          Spring 2017, Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

          Questionnaires: Spring 2017Spring 2019, Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

          University of Nottingham

          Spring 2015Fall 2017-Spring 2018Spring 2019Spring 2019 (2)

          Questionnaires: Spring 2015Spring 2016Spring 2018Spring 2019Spring 2019 (2)

          University of Sussex

          Fall 2011-Spring 2012Spring 2013Spring 2016Spring 2016Fall 2016-Spring 2017Spring 2017Fall 2017Spring 2018, Fall 2019

          Questionnaires: Fall 2011-Spring 2012Spring 2013Spring 2013Spring 2016Spring 2016Fall 2016, Fall 2016-Spring 2017Spring 2017Spring 2017Spring 2017Fall 2017Spring 2018Spring 2018Sping 2019, Fall 2019


          University of the South Pacific

          Spring 2010Spring 2012

          Questionnaires: Spring 2012Spring 2013


          Aalto University School of Business 

          Spring 2017Fall 2017Fall 2017Fall 2018Summer 2019

          Questionnaires: Fall 2010Spring 2017Fall 2017Fall 2017Fall 2018Summer 2019

          University of Jyväskylä

          Spring 2004Spring 2005, Summer 2019

          Questionnaires: Summer 2019


          EMLYON Business School  Questionnaires: Fall 2015Spring 2016Fall 2016
          ESCP Business School, Paris Campus 

          Spring 2010Spring 2015Fall 2017

          Questionnaires: Spring 2015Fall 2015

          Grenoble Ecole de Management

          Fall 2010Spring 2017Spring 2018

          Questionnaires: Fall 2010Spring 2012Fall 2013Spring 2015Fall 2015

          Institut d'Etudes Politiques d'Aix-en-Provence

          Fall 2015-Spring 2016Fall 2016-Spring 2017

          Questionnaires: Fall 2013 - Spring 2014Spring 2015, Spring 2015Spring 2015Fall 2014Fall 2015-Spring 2016Fall 2015-Spring 2016Fall 2015-Spring 2016Fall 2016-Spring 2017Spring 2017

          Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Bordeaux

          Fall 2015Fall 2017-Spring 2018

          Questionnaires: Fall 2015Spring 2017Spring 2017Fall 2017-Spring 2018Fall 2017-Spring 2018

          Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Strasbourg

          Fall 2009 - Spring 2010Spring 2012,  Fall 2013Fall 2013, Spring 2014Fall 2014Spring 2015Fall 2016-Spring 2017Fall 2016-Spring 2017Fall 2018 (1)Fall 2018 (2)Fall 2018 (3)

          Questionnaires: Spring 2012Fall 2013Fall 2014Spring 2015Fall 2016-Spring 2017Fall 2016-Spring 2017Fall 2018 (1)Fall 2018 (2)Fall 2018 (3)

          Sciences Po Paris

          Spring 2015 (Menton)Spring 2015 (Menton)Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 (Reims)Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 (Reims), Spring 2019 (2)

          Questionnaires: Spring 2015 (Menton)Spring 2015 (Menton)Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 (Reims)Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 (Reims)

          Université François Rabelais

          Fall 2010Fall 2014, Spring 2015Spring 2015Fall 2015-Spring 2016Fall 2016-Spring 2017Fall 2017Fall 2017Fall 2017Fall 2017

          Questionnaires: Fall 2016-Spring 2017Spring 2017Fall 2017

          Université de Tours

          Fall 2018Fall 2018 (2)Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Fall 2019 (2) 

          Questionnaires: Fall 2018Fall 2018 (2)Fall 2018 (3), Fall 2019, Fall 2019 (2)

          KEDGE Business School

          Summer 2019Summer 2019 (2)

          Questionnaires: Summer 2019Summer 2019 (2)


          Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

          Fall 2011Spring 2016Fall 2016

          Questionnaires: Fall 2012Fall 2014Spring 2016Fall 2016, Spring 2019

          Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munchen

          Spring 2016Fall 2017Spring 2018Spring 2019

          Questionnaires: Spring 2016Fall 2017Spring 2019

          Technische Universität Darmstadt Currently no exchange reports for this institution
          Universität Mannheim

          Spring 2014Fall 2014Spring 2017Fall 2017Spring 2018Spring 2018Spring 2018Fall 2018Spring 2019

          Questionnaires: Fall 2014Spring 2017Fall 2017Spring 2018Spring 2018Spring 2018Fall 2018

          University of Cologne

          Fall 2017

          Questionnaires: Fall 2017


          University of Ghana

          Spring 2017Fall 2017, Fall 2019

          Questionnaires: Spring 2017Spring 2017, Fall 2019


          Hong Kong

          Chinese University of Hong Kong

          Spring 2012Summer 2012Summer 2014Summer 2015Fall 2015Summer 2016Fall 2016Summer 2018Fall 2018 (1)Fall 2018 (2)

          Questionnaires: Summer 2014Spring 2015Fall 2015Fall 2015Summer 2016Fall 2016Spring 2017Summer 2018Fall 2018 (1)Fall 2018 (2)Fall 2018 (3)Fall 2018 (4), Fall 2019, Fall 2019 (2)

          City University of Hong Kong

          Spring 2015Summer 2015Spring 2016

          Questionnaires: Summer 2015Spring 2016, Fall 2019

          Hong Kong Baptist University

          Fall 2010Spring 2012Spring 2014Fall 2014Spring 2017

          Questionnaires: Spring 2014Fall 2014Spring 2017

          Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

          Summer 2016

          Questionnaires: Summer 2016

          University of Hong Kong

          Fall 2009Fall 2015Fall 2015Fall 2015

          Questionnaires: Fall 2009Fall 2015Spring 2016Fall 2018


          Corvinus University of Budapest Currently no exchange reports for this institution


          Institute of Technology Bombay

          Summer 2018

          Questionnaires: Summer 2018

          Jawaharlal Nehru University Currently no exchange reports for this institution



          Politecnico di Milano

          Spring 2016

          Questionnaires: Spring 2016

          Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi 

          Spring 2012Spring 2017Spring 2017Spring 2019, Spring 2019 (2), Fall 2019

          Questionnaires: Spring 2018Fall 2018Spring 2019Spring 2019 (2), Fall 2019



          Monash University, Sunway Campus Questionnaires: Spring 2013


          Tecnológico de Monterrey Spring 2011
          Universidad de las Americas, Puebla

          Spring 2008Spring 2019

          Questionnaires: Spring 2019


          Al Akhawayn University

          Fall 2016Summer 2017

          Questionnaires: Fall 2014Fall 2016Summer 2017


          New Zealand

          University of Auckland

          2007Summer 2009

          Questionnaires: Summer 2018Summer 2018

          University of Canterbury

          Summer 2016

          Questionnaires: Summer 2016Spring 2017



          De La Salle University

          Summer 2017

          Questionnaires: Summer 2007Spring 2009Summer 2017Fall 2017Fall 2017-Spring 2018


          Warsaw School of Economics Currently no exchange reports for this institution


          University of Glasgow

          Fall 2016Fall 2016Spring 2017Spring 2018Spring 2018, Fall 2019

          Questionnaires: Fall 2016Fall 2016Spring 2017Spring 2018Spring 2018

          University of Stirling

          Fall 2010Spring 2013, Fall 2019

          Questionnaires: Spring 2015Spring 2019, Fall 2019

          University of Strathclyde

          Spring 2012

          Questionnaires:  Spring 2014


          South Africa

          University of Cape Town

          Spring 2009, Summer 2009Spring 2018

          Questionnaires: Spring 2018

          South Korea


          Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Questionnaires: Spring 2018
          Universidad Complutense Madrid

          Spring 2015

          Questionnaires: Fall 2006Spring 2015

          Universitat Pompeu Fabra

          Spring 2017

          Questionnaires: Spring 2013Fall 2015Spring 2017Fall 2017, Spring 2020

          University of Navarra

          Fall 2011Spring 2012

          Questionnaires: Fall 2011Spring 2012Spring 2013


          Chalmers University of Technology Currently no exchange reports for this institution
          Lund University

          Spring 2012Fall 2015Fall 2015Fall 2015-Spring 2016Spring 2016Spring 2016Spring 2017Spring 2017Spring 2017Spring 2018Spring 2018Fall 2018Spring 2019

          Questionnaires: Spring 2012Summer 2015Fall 2015 (1), Fall 2015 (2), Fall 2015-Spring 2016Spring 2016Spring 2017 (1), Spring 2017 (2), Spring 2017 (3), Fall 2017Spring 2018 (1), Spring 2018 (2), Fall 2019

          Malmö University

          Spring 2017 (1), Spring 2017 (2), Fall 2018

          Questionnaires: Fall 2013Spring 2017 (1), Spring 2017 (2), Fall 2017Fall 2018Fall 2018 (2)

          Uppsala Universitet

          Fall 2011Spring 2013Spring 2016 (1), Spring 2016 (2), Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

          Questionnairse: Spring 2016 (1), Spring 2016 (2), Spring 2016 (3), Spring 2017Fall 2018 and Spring 2019


          Universität Basel

          Spring 2013Fall 2015

          Questionnaires: Fall 2015Fall 2018

          University of Lausanne

          Spring 2016Fall 2018

          Questionnaires: Spring 2016Fall 2017Fall 2018Spring 2019


          National Chengchi University, College of Commerce Questionnaires: Fall 2011Spring 2012
          National Taiwan Normal University Spring 2014
          National Taiwan University

          Spring 2012Fall 2013Fall 2015 (1), Fall 2015 (2), Spring 2016Spring 2017Spring 2018Spring 2019

          Questionnaires: Fall 2015Spring 2017Spring 2018Spring 2019


          Chulalongkorn University

          Spring 2014

          Questionnaires: Spring 2014Spring 2014, Fall 2019

          Thammasat University

          Spring 2009Spring 2018

          Questionnaires: Fall 2006


          United Arab Emirates

          American University of Sharjah

          Spring 2016 (1), Spring 2016 (2), Spring 2017Spring 2019

          Questionnaires: Spring 2016 (1), Spring 2016 (2), Spring 2017Spring 2019


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