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          Global Community Peer Educators

          Building Inclusive Community

          Let our Global Peers tell you about their role

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          Global Community at SFU

          SFU Global Community

          What is this program?

          The Global Peers are a dynamic group of students from diverse backgrounds working to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion. This is a student-driven initiative that focuses on building intercultural awareness and understanding across the SFU community.

          "We try to motivate other students to build an inclusive community here at SFU"

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          Who can join?

          This program is open to all SFU undergraduate students who are interested in:

          • Increasing learning in areas of intercultural communication and diversity
          • An opportunity to lead and support student events and initiatives
          • Building a stronger understanding of your own cultural perceptions and identities
          • An opportunity to meet and work with other students from different cultures
          • Gaining project management, teamwork, and networking skills

          I want to join!

          Who we are

          What we do

          Additional Program Benefit:

          • If you complete the program requirements (volunteer for 2 terms as a Global Peer), your participation will be recognized on your Co-curricular Record*

          *The Co-Curricular Record (CCR), an official university document that tracks your co-curricular involvement at SFU.

          LEARN MORE

          Have questions? Contact us at iengage@sfu.ca

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