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          Co-Curricular Record

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          How does the CCR work?

          • It tracks your complete involvement history, including a description of each opportunity
          • It acts as an official university document that you can use as supporting documentation for applications to graduate/professional school and/or for job searching.
          • It assists you to articulate the impact of your co-curricular experiences on your personal and professional development.

          What activities are recognized on the CCR?

          Activities must meet the Co-Curricular Record Eligibility Criteria in order to appear on your record. You can view a list of activities currently recognized on the CCR here.

          If you are involved in a program that you think is suitable for the Co-Curricular Record, please ask your program supervisor to contact the CCR Administration Team at ccr-admin@sfu.ca

          When will my activity appear on the CCR?

          Activities are added by the third week of every term. Please refer to the schedule below based on when you have completed your role or program.

          The program or activity I participated in ended in... My recognition will appear by...
          The Fall Term The third week of January
          The Spring Term The third week of May
          The Summer Term The third week of September

          For Staff

          Interested in recruiting volunteers? Don't know where to start? Here's how staff and faculty can support students in their volunteering and personal development activities. 

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