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          US Department of Veterans Affairs

          If you or your Parents served on active duty, you may be eligible for GI Bill education benefits.

          1. How do I apply            

          You have the option of completing a paper application or submitting an online application to the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

          2. What documents are required from me to initiate the VA process with SFU?

          If you are determined to be eligible for VA benefits, you will be issued a Certificate of Eligibility by VA. We will need the following:

          1. VA Certificate of Eligibility 
          2. Full name, student #, and the number of units you will be registering in during your Benefits Period (i.e. the term at SFU) 
          3. Written authorization to release your Social Security Number to Veterans Affairs 
          4. SFU VA overaward notification letter acknowledging your responsibiliby of any overawards which may result due to withdrawals or a change in enrollment status. Your original signature is required.

          3. How do scholarships impact my VA benefits?

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          4. What happens after SFU completes the VA Enrollment Certification (VA22-1999 Form)

          SFU Financial Aid and Awards will complete the enrolment information on your VA Enrollment Certification form (VA Form 22-1999) and submit the completed form online to the US Department of Veterans Affairs. We will email (SFU email) you to inform you of submission of this form.

          5. What is the VA Enrollment Status at SFU?

          VA Benefits are paid based on training time. VA measures training time as follows:

          Enrollment Status 

          (Training Time)

          # of credits at SFU


          Full Time 12 units or more
          Three-Quarter Time 9-11 units
          Half-Time 6-8 units
          Less Than Half Time 4-5 units
          Quarter Time or Less 3 credits

          6. How does the VA benefits application process work at SFU?

          A VA Enrollment Certification form is completed by SFU on a term-by-term basis. Your Benefits Period starts on the first day of classes for the term and ends on the last day of classes for the term. If you require VA benefits for multiple terms, request a VA Enrollment Certification form to be sent by SFU to VA once you have registered for the term. Please email usloans@sfu.ca to request a new VA Enrollment Certification to be sent.

          7. How do I receive my VA Benefits?

          If you receive your VA Benefits under Chapter 33, payments of your VA benefits will be made directly to SFU in USD. See this link for information about the Monthly Housing Allowance (Living Stipend)

          A. SFU will report your Tuition and Fees in Canadian currency to Veterans Affairs (as per their requirement).

          B. VA will use a set rate effective Jul 1 of every year using www.oanda.com/currency/converter.

          C. Upon processing of VA Enrollment Certification, VA will convert CAD Tuition and Fees reported by SFU to USD currency to determine your VA benefits.

          D. Upon receipt of your VA payment in USD (paper cheque), SFU will convert the the VA benefits in USD into Canadian Currency using SFU Finance US Exchange Rate (Receipts).

          E. Financial Aid and Awards will notify you of the arrival of your funding via email to your SFU email account.

          F. Your VA payment will be applied to your SFU Student Account. If a refund is owed to you by SFU, SFU will issue you a refund, in Canadian Dollars 

          If you receive your VA Benefits under Chapter 35, money goes directly to you (the student), you are responsible to pay SFU Tuition 

          8. Which programs are eligible for VA Benefits at SFU?

          To find out which programs are currently approved for VA benefits through SFU, see Eligible SFU Programs. If you are interested in a program that is not on this list, please contact us to initiate a Program Proposal request to VA.

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          • Distance education and correspondence (online) courses are not eligible for Veterans Affairs benefits (at foreign schools such as SFU)  
          • Audit courses are not eligible for VA education benefits  

          10. If I am repeating a course, how does this impact my VA benefits?

          • courses that are failed or for which the grade does not meet minimum requirements for graduation may be certified for VA purposes if they are repeated (i.e. grades of "N", "F", "WE" and "WD")
          • courses that are successfully completed may not be certified for VA purposes if they are repeated, unless a higher grade is requirement for program completion, contact Financial Aid and Awards for more information.

          11. What are my responsibilities once I receive VA benefits through SFU?

          • Be aware that academic progress and changes to enrollment status will be reported to Veterans Affairs by SFU, and subsequently may impact your Benefits eligibility  
          • Contact Financial Aid and Awards right away if your enrollment changes or if you must withdraw, as a revised Enrollment Certification must be sent by us to VA
          • Be aware that VA Benefit rates are set by US Congress and may not cover the total cost of tuition and fees

          12. How can I ensure I am fulfilling all the requirements necessary to graduate while using my VA benefits?

          Review the Degree Program Planning as part of Academic Advising. 

          Also review the Academic Progress Report which will help you figure out what you need to take to complete your program. Use the Planner tool to plan courses ahead of time and enroll in courses.

          13. What are other VA student resources I can consider?

          14. Who can I contact if I need help with this information?

          Come to a Financial Aid and Awards drop-in appointment or email usloans@sfu.ca

          15. How do I contact the VA about my benefits?

          For applications and further information, you can contact the Buffalo Regional Office, Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (EST) at 716-857-3196 or 716-857-3197. Please Note: these phone numbers are not toll-free. 

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