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          Graduate Students


          Bursaries are a supplemental source of funding for students with demonstrated financial need; that is, they should not be treated as your primary source of funding.

          Bursaries are available to Canadian and International students.  You should be aware that you may not be awarded a bursary every term. Due to the high volume of applications received each term, payment of funds may not occur until the middle of the term of application.  We encourage you to plan accordingly.

          For a complete listing, check out our online Scholarship, Awards, and Bursaries database.

          Eligibility requirement

          To apply for a bursary you must:

          • have a minimum CGPA of 3.00 at SFU (waived for students in their first term at SFU).
          • be enrolled full-time in an approved program
          • have a demonstrated financial need (as assessed by SFU).

          If you are in a per term fee program (that is, your tuition is not calculated on the number of units you are enrolled in), you must:

          • be enrolled in the term of application (leave of absence is not eligible).

          If you are in a per unit fee program (that is, your tuition is calculated on the number of units you are enrolled in), you must:

          • be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units in the term of application.

          How to apply

          1. Check the application period at Application Deadlines.
          2. Apply online by logging in to the Student Information System (go.sfu.ca).
          3. Click on "Apply for Bursaries/Work-Study".
          4. Complete and submit your application.
          5. Set up Direct Deposit (administered through the Student Accounts Office) as soon as possible, to receive any refunds you may be eligible to receive.

          Please note:  You do not need to specify the individual bursaries for which you want to apply.  If you are eligible, you will be considered for all available bursaries.

          TSSU Member Child Care Fund

          If you are a TSSU member (Teaching Support Staff Union) with children under the age of 13 (or over 13 in the case of special needs) you may be eligible to receive funding from the TSSU Member Childcare Fund. TSSU membership is retained for two semesters beyond the last appointment as a TA, TM, Sessional Instructor or ELC/ITP Instructor.  Current TSSU members may apply to the TSSU Membership Child Care Fund each semester. 

          The application is specific to this Fund and may be found here: TSSU Childcare Fund Application 500 Internal Server Error

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          The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application.

          TSSU Member Childcare Fund- late applications

          Late applications will be accepted, but disbursement will not occur until the following semester.

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