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          Denis Mikhailov, a graduate of SFU Beedie’s Full Time MBA program, is the Founder and CEO of Nomad Nutrition Ltd, a venture that creates healthy dehydrated meals aimed at outdoor enthusiasts.

          SFU Beedie alumnus takes healthy eating to the great outdoors

          December 19, 2019

          By Will Henderson

          From tree planting in remote areas of B.C. to pitching his start-up business on CBC’s Dra走ns’ Den—via the European Union and a stint in corporate banking—Denis Mikhailov’s career path has been anything but orthodox.

          Mikhailov, a graduate of SFU Beedie’s Full Time MBA program, is the Founder and CEO of Nomad Nutrition Ltd502 Bad Gateway

          Founded in 2017, the business is already building a loyal following in North America. 该 product is sold in over 65 different retail locations across Canada and the USA including outdoor retailers MEC, Atmosphere and Valhalla Pure Outfitters, as well as online through Amazon and the company’s own website. It received another major boost in November 2019, when Mikhailov and his business partner Polina Slepukhina appeared on CBC’s primetime TV show Dra走n’s Den, which showcases entrepreneurs and their ventures.

          该 founders’ pitch impressed the judges and they received investment offers from three of the six established entrepreneurs, one of which they accepted: $100,000 investment for a 12 per cent stake, valuing the business at more than $830,000. Mikhailov says they have already seen an uptick in sales and enquiries following the show’s broadcast in November.

          Discussing his business, Mikhailov has the infectious energy and enthusiasm of a natural entrepreneur, but starting a business was not always his 走al. His undergraduate degree is in political science and, after graduating, he completed an internship with the Canadian mission at the European Union. He subsequently took a job in Sweden as he pursued his ambition to join the diplomatic service.


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          “My parents are immigrants, I'm an immigrant to Canada, and I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs,” he says. “That kind of high-risk, high-reward lifestyle is very conducive to me.”

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