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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Industry News
LED driver orders up 6/30/2014
Total shipments from Taiwan's LED driver IC vendors to China are likely to double in 2014 from the previous year as more makers have stepped into the low wattage LED driver IC segment.
Chinese government to replace IBM servers in China's banking ? 6/30/2014
After more than 30 years of providing China's banking sector with high-end servers and other technology, IBM is holding out hope that the quality of its products and the strength of its business relationships will shield it from any decision that tempts its clients to look elsewhere for replacement technology.
Alliance Memory enters DDR3 DRAM production 6/30/2014
Samples of the DDR3 and DDR3L SDRAMs are available with lead times of six to eight weeks for production quantities.
Google's Tango tablet to go 3D sensing 6/30/2014
The Project Tango Development Kit will be made available this summer. A location sensing and mapping program required used no GPS, WiFi or Bluetooth to map a user's location.
Midsize manufacturing executives are optimistic on hiring 6/27/2014
In 2014, industrial sector executives report that they are already coming off a strong year but expect even better results over the next 12 months. While an already-healthy majority of executives (69 percent) reported increases in domestic sales over the past year, 88 percent expect the next 12 months to bring further growth,
Triple digit growth on smart devices while PC retreats 6/27/2014
Smartphone demonstrated a 244 per cent increase that issued from cheaper handsets and data tariff reduction, while the notebook recorded a 55 per cent growth that bested market predictions.
Honda cars to be compatible with Android 6/27/2014
To initiate Android Auto, Honda drivers will simply connect their compatible Android smartphone to the vehicle's USB port using the cable that came with their phone, allowing them to intuitively access supported apps and features using the car's in-dash display and voice controls.
Wearable key also monitor your suroundings 6/27/2014
Integrated sensors include a 2-in-1 proximity + ambient light sensor, optical UV sensor, MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope, piezoresistive barometric pressure sensor, ultra-high sensitivity MI (magnetic impedance) sensor and RGB sensor.
Chips for server systems - Qualcomm in, Samsung Nvidia out 6/26/2014
Samsung recently decided to drop the server chip effort and discontinue work being carried out by a team in Milpitas, Calif. Another company leaving the server-chip push to others, at least for the moment, is Nvidia.
FDA want nanotech companies to consult with them on new products 6/26/2014
"We are taking a prudent scientific approach to assess each product on its own merits and are not making broad, general assumptions about the safety of nanotechnology products,"
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