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Saturday, January 31, 2015
Industry News
U.S. is ready to power the world economy again 12/31/2014
Six years after its financial system nearly sank and nearly that long since the recession ended, the United States is expected to grow in 2015 at its fastest pace in a decade. Its expansion from July through September — a 5 percent annual rate — was the swiftest for any quarter since 2003.
Microsoft to replace Internet Explorer with Spartan 12/30/2014
Spartan will continue to use Microsoft's JavaScript and rendering engines. However, the browser will be light-weight and akin to its rivals like Chrome and Firefox with extension support.
TSMC to be main A9 supplier to Apple 12/30/2014
the chances of TSMC remaining the main supplier are higher because of its better yields. Samsung also produces advanced 20-nanometer (nm) chips, but its yield is not satisfactory,
Hyundai Motor to secure supply of Korean made automobile chips 12/30/2014
"Future smart cars are not the business of only traditional car makers any more. That's why we have tried to secure our own advanced technology for non-memory chips rather than relying on foreign companies," a Hyundai Motor Group spokesman said.
Toshiba is looking to build memory fab overseas 12/30/2014
demand is outstripping capacity and the Japanese conglomerate must expand production. NAND memory chips are used in smartphones and other electronic devices.
KMPG survey show cautious optimism on 2015 12/29/2014
"The semiconductor industry faces a myriad of challenges, including accurately forecasting demand, investing in the right new market opportunities, managing the higher development costs of more integrated solutions and navigating increased competition in China,"
SSD long term endurance test yield surprises 12/29/2014
It seems that today¡¯s SSDs will easily outlive their PC hosts by hundreds, even thousands of years, at this point, the winner seems irrelevant. If you¡¯ve been around to remember how fragile some of the early HDDs were, and how often they failed.
China to announce Qualcomm settlement soon 12/29/2014
An imminent decision in the case is expected to force the company to pay fines potentially exceeding $1 billion and require concessions that would hurt its highly profitable business of charging licensing fees on phone chipsets that use its patents.
New Ferro-RAM counter saves power 12/29/2014
The MB85RDP16LX replaces these separate read/write operations with a single command from the MCU and uses only the binary counter, resulting in energy savings of up to 94 per cent, noted Fujitsu.
LTE category 9 trial achieved download speeds of 410Mbps 12/24/2014
According to Huawei, the category 9 technology will improve download speeds for EE dramatically, allowing the operator to aggregate 20MHz of 1800MHz spectrum with another 20MHz of 2.66GHz, and a third carrier of 15MHz of 2.6GHz.
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