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Saturday, November 22, 2014
Industry News
Amazon take $170 million write down on phones 10/24/2014
During the company’s earnings conference call this afternoon, CFO Tom Szkutak revealed that Amazon took a $170 million charge in write-down costs last quarter “primarily related to Fire Phone inventory valuation and supplier commitment costs.”
Google setup store to promote modular handset project 10/24/2014
Project Ara is Google’s upcoming build-your-own smartphone that allows users to mix and match features. The US$50 configurable smartphone will come with a basic frame, and users can add or remove features by simply snapping on or taking off modular parts.
Record DRAM profit at Hynix 10/24/2014
Revenue grew 5.6 percent from a year earlier to 4.3 trillion won, also a quarterly record with growth in every product group.
Eurozone survey confirms recession fear 10/24/2014
"Growth is so anemic that increasing numbers of companies are being forced into laying off staff and slashing prices in an attempt to cut costs and boost sales through discounting."
Semi Book-to-Bill drops 10/23/2014
The three-month average of worldwide bookings was US$1.17 billion in orders last month, down 12.68 percent from the August bookings of US$1.34 billion, SEMI said in a statement issued on Monday.
Demand on test equipment increased with DDR4 validation activities 10/23/2014
Intel’s release of the Haswell-E server has sparked the uptick in interest for memory testing equipment since September, a phenomenon also observed by Tektronix, which recently released its LPDDR4 PHY layer test solution for high-speed, low-power memory interfaces for mobile devices.
Is it time to raise the minimum wage ? 10/23/2014
“As employers are faced with higher labor costs, they will hire workers who have more work experience or higher skill levels. This leaves unskilled applicants without a job, and without the invisible curriculum that comes with a first job experience.”
Is your iCloud secure? 10/23/2014
Several news outlets reported Tuesday that some Chinese Internet users have begun seeing warnings that indicate they had been diverted to an unauthorized website when they attempted to sign into their iCloud accounts.
Hynix to sample DDR4 non-volatile Hybrid DIMM 10/22/2014
This non-volatile chip will send raw data to flash chips whose density is two times bigger than the DRAM by combining DRAM, NAND Flash and the module controller in a single module.
Samsung DDR4 chip scales up to 8Gb 10/22/2014
"Our new 20-nanometer, 8Gb DDR4, dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) more than meets the high performance, high density and energy efficiency needs that are driving the proliferation of next-generation enterprise servers,"
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