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Friday, July 25, 2014
Industry News
Honda cars to be compatible with Android 6/27/2014
To initiate Android Auto, Honda drivers will simply connect their compatible Android smartphone to the vehicle's USB port using the cable that came with their phone, allowing them to intuitively access supported apps and features using the car's in-dash display and voice controls.
Wearable key also monitor your suroundings 6/27/2014
Integrated sensors include a 2-in-1 proximity + ambient light sensor, optical UV sensor, MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope, piezoresistive barometric pressure sensor, ultra-high sensitivity MI (magnetic impedance) sensor and RGB sensor.
Chips for server systems - Qualcomm in, Samsung Nvidia out 6/26/2014
Samsung recently decided to drop the server chip effort and discontinue work being carried out by a team in Milpitas, Calif. Another company leaving the server-chip push to others, at least for the moment, is Nvidia.
FDA want nanotech companies to consult with them on new products 6/26/2014
"We are taking a prudent scientific approach to assess each product on its own merits and are not making broad, general assumptions about the safety of nanotechnology products,"
Intel losing position in cellular base band processor 6/26/2014
For the first time in the last three years, Intel dropped out of the top-three baseband revenue share rankings as its 2G and 3G baseband shipments declined sharply in 1Q14.
IBM to keep processor design and fab 6/26/2014
"The latest Power 8 processors have four times more threads and twice the memory bandwidth of the desktop-derived processors [from Intel]. That gives us an advantage for the new workloads coming. To get those advantages we have to design our own microprocessors... and to build those processors we have to advance the state of process technology in areas like lithography and [circuit] characteristics."
Taiwan's 3S and Skymedi to develope eMMC v4.51 controller 6/25/2014
Solid State System (3S) and Skymedi both have geared up efforts to venture into the eMMC controller market amid high demand for the controller chips from the smartphone and tablet sectors,
Japanese government has new stretagy to spur growth 6/25/2014
The plan, approved by the Cabinet earlier in the day, includes dozens of proposed changes to labor regulations, government pension fund investments, corporate governance and tax policies that Abe says are needed to spur corporate investment and innovation.
US consumer confidence up 6/25/2014
More Americans are optimistic about business conditions and the outlook for jobs, though fewer expect their incomes will grow over the next six months.
Hybride Memory Cube uses Xilinx 15G I/O 6/25/2014
The Xilinx UltraScale devices support the full HMC bandwidth of four lanes, comprised of 64 transceivers running up to 15Gb/s.
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