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Saturday, October 25, 2014
Industry News
Solving remote control problems in the living room 10/1/2014
Selecting the QuickSet option in the CSR remote SDK allows end TV and set-top box suppliers to take advantage of UEI's device control database of entertainment devices, which gives users access to many of the control functions for virtually all digital entertainment electronics devices in the world.
Vietnam to build IC factory 10/1/2014
The factory will manufacture products aimed at meeting domestic demand and replacing imported goods. It is also expected that this endeavour will drive Vietnam's semiconductor industry.
Consumer spending up 9/30/2014
The spending gain was another sign that the economy is maintaining strength in the current July-September quarter. Consumer spending accounts for about 70 percent of economic activity.
New Multi-Si solar cell reach 20% efficiency 9/30/2014
Consecutive record-breaking results by our multi-Si solar cells are a great achievement for our R&D team. But, we have only just begun. The confidence we had in surpassing 20 per cent efficiency this year extends now to our expectation to realise even more efficiency gains in the quarters ahead.
ARM server rise to conpete with X86 architecture 9/30/2014
Competition will heat up in 12 to 18 months when AMD, Broadcom and Cavium start shipping SoCs using custom 64bit ARM cores, and Applied Micro may have its third generation X-Gene ready. "At that point the market should start getting really competitive.
TSMC to work with Mentor on 10nm design 9/30/2014
Mentor and TSMC have also enhanced the Calibre fill solution for 10nm FinFET designs. The SmartFill ECO functionality in Calibre YieldEnhancer supports a "fill-as-you-go" flow ensuring that IP and other design blocks are accurately represented as the design progresses.
Apple: The largest DRAM user 9/29/2014
Apple fans are still anticipating the release of the next iPad Air, which is expected to have 2GB of DRAM, and the next Macbook Pro, which will be equipped with LPDDR3 DRAM for the first time.
BlackBerry looks to profit by Feb., 2015 9/29/2014
Since taking over, Chen has been putting more emphasis on BlackBerry's mobile device management business, a collection of software that allows IT departments to manage different devices connected to their corporate networks. He has also emphasized messaging service as well as Blackberry's embedded QNX software systems.
Your car will work closer with your smartphone 9/29/2014
Revenue for automotive infotainment processor chips for telematics portal head units will grow to $508 million in 2018, up from slightly less than $128 million in 2013.
TSMC succeed in 16nm FinFET 9/29/2014
TSMC's 16nm FinFET process promises enhancements in speed and power, with leakage reduction. Compared with the company's 28nm HPM process, FinFET boasts 100 per cent increase in gate density, as well as 40 per cent faster operation at the same total power consumption.
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