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Thursday, August 21, 2014
Industry News
Geotracking device now on 3 month battery 7/29/2014
The tags are outfitted with a GPS chip, accelerometer, temperature sensor, speaker, and Bluetooth capability (which is not yet in use), boasting up to a three-month battery life and a four-mile range.
Samsung is expanding R&D quarters in Silicon Valley 7/29/2014
Since 2012, most of Samsung's employees have worked outside Korea (190,000 of 286,000 last year). But some of the brightest lights are still in and around Seoul.
American workers now works harder and longer 7/28/2014
In recent months, the picture has brightened. Employers have added 200,000-plus jobs for five straight months, and the unemployment rate has reached 6.1 percent, the lowest since 2008.
Parking brakes to go without hand lever 7/28/2014
"We expect the hand-brake lever to gradually disappear from more and more cars of different classes over the next 10 years. Instead, the cars will be equipped with electric parking brakes,"
Topological insulator may be answer to next generation memory 7/28/2014
This breakthrough provides a new strategy for making next-generation memory technologies that use the least possible energy and current.
iPhone sales took off in China 7/28/2014
As the Financial Times put it, "Apple has become a China story." Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, during the earnings' call described the company's latest quarter "a stellar quarter in greater China overall."
Uneven supply will force DRAM prices to hike 7/25/2014
A change in product mix and a transition to more complex production technology will crimp third-quarter shipments growth for the key DRAM business, SK Hynix President Kim Joon-ho told analysts.
Senate bill aims at reverting outsource 7/25/2014
The bill would prevent companies from deducting expenses related to moving operations to a foreign country. The bill would offer tax credits to companies that move operations to the U.S. from a foreign country.
Analyst optimistic on litium battery market 7/25/2014
Lithium ion batteries have emerged as the leading battery technology for a variety of applications including mobile devices, grid-scale energy storage and electric vehicles (EVs). The market for lithium ion batteries for automobiles is expected to expand rapidly over the next 10 years.
China's Allwinner enters into 64bit race 7/25/2014
"The 64bit era is absolutely the new trend. As one of the most important strategic partners of ARM, Allwinner will team with ARM to take the lead in providing highly cost-effective 64bit tablet solutions,"
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