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Thursday, April 24, 2014
Industry News
BYD plug-in hybrid hit record sales in China 3/25/2014
BYD plug-in hybrid sedan Qin, hitting a sales record of 6,000 units in February, which accounts for more than half of the Chinese new-energy vehicle market.
Renesas to transfer production, layoff 720 3/25/2014
Renesas has begun negotiations with the local labour union based on its policy to terminate production operation of RSS by 2016. Upon termination, 720 employees will be dismissed.
Nanya settles with Rambus 3/24/2014
This agreement allows for the use of certain high-performance, low-power patented innovations developed by Rambus in Nanya DRAM products and enables future technology collaboration. Under this agreement, Rambus and Nanya have settled all outstanding claims, providing Nanya with access to certain memory-related Rambus innovations through the second quarter of 2018.
Cheap energy source to keep American manufacturing going 3/24/2014
The new availability of inexpensive natural gas has ignited the steel, iron, fabricated metals and machinery manufacturing industries as well as those of plastic, rubber, resin and organic chemicals. "We believe the energy revolution is helping the U.S. regain its footing in the manufacturing sector," said Lansing, MI Mayor Virg Bernero.
New Kingston memory packaged for compatibility 3/24/2014
The colorful design aims to help consumers find the compatible memory for their laptops and to improve overall performance.
MEI metal lift-off system enhanced wafer yield 3/24/2014
MEI's FluidJet batch wet processing system eliminates device damage, while using 80 per cent less chemical than current single wafer processing solutions. In addition, FluidJet enables highly efficient, easily obtained gold and metal reclaim, reducing waste and downtime.
Delay of the 64bit mobile AP impacted DRAM market 3/21/2014
If semiconductor makers convert their production lines from mobile DRAMs to DRAMs, the prices are forecast to drop further. Last month the DRAM contract price fell by about 12% from the previous month.
LED lighting propelled several technologies 3/21/2014
If LEDs are to be used as a source for lighting, more is involved than the LED dice themselves. An LED-powered lamp or luminaire (i.e., fixture) requires phosphors, optics, a heat sink for thermal management, and driver electronics, as well as packaging for all of these parts.
Amazon is due to introduce gaming devices 3/21/2014
If Amazon does choose to pursue gaming in a serious manner, it could solve the chicken-egg problem of attracting both game developers and a buying audience at the same time.
Drones can be hacker's powerful weapon 3/21/2014
Installing the technology on drones creates a powerful threat because drones are mobile and often out of sight for pedestrians, enabling them to follow people undetected.
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