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Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Industry News
BP stock sink on court ruling 9/5/2014
The ruling means BP now faces a fine under the Clean Water Act of $4,300 per barrel of oil spilled. The number of barrels spilled is being debated but is likely to fall between 2.4 million and 4.1 million barrels, which makes for a fine of between $10.3 billion and $17.6 billion.
China watch group exposed Apple supplier violations 9/5/2014
Violations including mandatory overtime of up to 100 hours per month, in excess of the legal limit of 36 hours, and failure to pay some wages to its 20,000 employees, the report said. It said violations of Apple policies included failing to give out protective gear and locking fire exits and windows.
Is Tesla's Gigafactory plan over optimistic ? 9/5/2014
If Tesla attain its targeted half a million EVs, Panasonic could rake in more than $15 billion between 2017 and 2020. But at the more likely 240,000 EVs, as estimated by Lux Research, Panasonic would take in only $7 billion on its likely investment of $1.4 billion, with questionable margins.
Uniquify offers 2800Mb/s DDR4 IP 9/5/2014
Uniquify's SCL technology solves this problem by performing automatic self-calibration at system power-up for optimal DDR interface timing. SCL-enhanced DDR memory IP offers higher yield because it automatically adapts critical timing characteristics for a wide range of system-level design choices.
New Samsung phone features side display 9/4/2014
The Galaxy Note Edge was announced at a trade show in Berlin on Wednesday. It is due for release in October in time for holiday shopping and aim to compete with Apple's new iPhones due to be unveiled next week.
Aircraft industry results in record factory order 9/4/2014
Manufacturing has been a source of strength this year, helped by robust demand for new cars, other consumer items and business equipment. Economists expect that strength to continue.
New Radeon card is fastest for gamers 9/4/2014
The Radeon R9 285 GPU is capable of delivering up to 3.29TFLOPS of computing performance, offering extreme gaming detail that outshines any card at 1080p and beyond in its category.
Static IP core with dual port static memory to save power 9/4/2014
The microcontroller targets applications ranging from high-speed automotive and appliance motor control, to low-power remote transmitters/receivers, pointing devices and telecom processors. Built-in power save mode makes this IP core ideal for applications where the power consumption aspect is critical.
ARM sold 50th 64bit license 9/3/2014
ARM unveiled its 64-bit processor architecture back in 2011, followed a year later by the Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A57 core designs based on it. These provide backwards compatibility with existing 32-bit ARM software, but add a new 64-bit execution state that delivers more capabilities.
Semi venture funding to return 9/3/2014
Semiconductor funding hit bottom in 2013, and it is slowly coming back. Publicly available transaction data from CrunchBase discovered promising insights about recent funding trends.
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