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Saturday, October 25, 2014
Industry News
e-Tolet deployed throughout India 10/3/2014
eToilet incorporates full cycle approach in sustainable sanitation by integrating convergence of electronics, mechanical, web-mobile technologies to control the toilet's mechanisms, including entry, usage, cleaning, exit and remote monitoring.
Singapore electronic sector manage to expand again 10/3/2014
Singapore's electronics sector rose to 51.9 in September, a 1.2-point increase from last month's score. Growth in new orders coming from both domestic and overseas markets contributed to the increase.
Advanced scanning microscope to detect counterfeit IC 10/3/2014
Advanced Scanning Optical Microscope that can scan integrated circuits by using an extremely narrow infrared laser beam, to probe microelectronic circuits at nanometer levels, revealing information about chip construction as well as the function of circuits at the transistor level.
Robotic revolution in US manufacturing 10/3/2014
“The past several years have recorded a sharp resurgence in orders of industrial robots and this wider adoption comes at a time when manufacturers – both big and small – are trying to squeeze greater productivity from their workforce and respond quickly to customer preferences and expectations,”
Altera Max 10 has DDR3 interface 10/2/2014
Members of the MAX 10 family boast non-volatile, instant-on capabilities; dual-configuration support; embedded processor support; integrated analog functionality; embedded RAM and DSP blocks; and a DDR3 external memory interface.
AMD demonstrated ARM server running Apache Hadoop 10/2/2014
The event will be an important step in demonstrating the readiness of ARM's 64-bit architecture for data center workloads.
Validation starts on 16nm big LITTLE Core 10/2/2014
Silicon results on 16FF show the "big" Cortex A57 processor achieving 2.3GHz for sustained mobile peak performance, as well as the "LITTLE" Cortex A53 processor consuming only 75mW for most common workloads.
New connection app help Hong Kong potesters to stay in touch 10/2/2014
The app allows phones to connect to one another directly using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi as an alternative to the Internet. If you're using FireChat, its "nearby" chat room lets you exchange messages with other users within 30 metres without sending data via your cellular provider.
DRAM business continue to grow 10/1/2014
The bit growth rate of mobile DRAM will significantly surpass that of standard DRAM in 2015, making mobile DRAM the mainstream memory chips in the market.
Rumor: Next generation Windows will be "Win 10" 10/1/2014
The next major release will be the company's chance to regain its footing and show that Microsoft can embrace mobile devices without sacrificing the traditional computing experience.
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