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Friday, August 22, 2014
Industry News
Samsung lost No. 1 smartphone position in China 8/6/2014
The Korean electronics giant led the Chinese market in the first quarter with 18.3 percent, but Xiaomi caught up quickly. Just three years ago, Xiaomi accounted for less than one percent, but the tables were turned when it started rolling out high-performance gadgets at half the cost of Samsung.
New Altera software is ready for 14nm FPGA 8/6/2014
Design engineers can start their Stratix 10 designs and experience first-hand the 2X core performance gains they can achieve as a result of the Stratix 10 HyperFlex architecture and the Intel 14nm Tri-Gate process.
Agilent Technologies name changed to Keysight 8/5/2014
Bill and Dave are surely smiling. It's too bad that the computer company still bears their names.
Fiat shareholders approved merger with Chrysler 8/5/2014
A caveat to the merger remains. Dissenting shareholders have a couple of weeks to opt out, cashing in their shares at 7.727 euros ($10.35), about 7 percent above current share price. Bondholders have a longer opt-out period of 60 days. If the total request exceeds 500 million euros, the merger would be off __ temporarily.
Google takes driverless car forward 8/5/2014
Google's tech investment has sped up and forced OEMs to invest more money in autonomous driving and is likely resulting in earlier deployment of self-driving cars.
Apacer offers combo module with SSD and DRAM 8/5/2014
With respect to the two SSD options, M.2 NGFF modular SSD is the next-generation SSD interface standard that Intel develops for tablet PC, Ultrabook and Thin Client. Its full name is M.2 NGFF (Next Generation Form Factor).
AMD's lower cost game processor carries 4K video 8/4/2014
The chips have up to eight integrated graphics cores and are capable of rendering 4K video, which has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, four times that of traditional high-definition video.
UMC ramps up capacity for 28nm 8/4/2014
Despite competition for 28nm processes from China-based Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), UMC is confident about its 28nm HKMG process, believing can win a bigger market share in the segment.
Wordwide Android phone market heats up 8/4/2014
Like the PC market, Android is on the verge of turning smartphone platforms into a one-horse race. Its low-cost services and user-friendly software remain wildly attractive to hardware makers, operators and consumers worldwide.
Wireless health and fitness IC to take hold 8/4/2014
Shipments of consumer health and fitness devices with integrated wireless connectivity will grow to an estimated 75.7 million units in 2018, up from 23 million units in 2011.
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