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Thursday, November 20, 2014
Industry News
Synopsys released DesignWare AEON NVM IP 11/4/2014
The NVM IP includes necessary support and control circuitry including all high voltage generation and distribution required for programming to reduce system design complexity and IC area. It also supports up to 1Kb instances, up to 10,000 write cycles, and more than 10 years of data retention.
6 Axis gyroscope chip for car navigations 11/4/2014
The 6-axis ASM330LXH, empower sophisticated dead reckoning software algorithms that calculate current position from a previously determined location updated by time, acceleration and change of direction.
Startup built most efficient solar power devices ever made 11/3/2014
With fields of over 1,000 of these devices, utilities would produce electricity at less than 5 cents per kilowatt-hour. That is even cheaper than today¡¯s least expensive option: a new natural gas plant.
Andy Rubin, Android co-founder to start his own venture 11/3/2014
Rubin will start a company to support startups interested in building technology-hardware products.
Tim Cook announce he is gay 11/3/2014
The 53-year-old Alabama native, declared his sexual orientation in a magazine editorial, confirming a fact widely known in the close-knit Silicon Valley tech community but rarely discussed.
NXP to apply iPhone 6 NFC technology to automobiles 11/3/2014
NFC will not revolutionize car electronics but it could make a number of existing features better.Instead of keys. Automobile rental companies could send codes to their customers NFC-enabled smartphones that would let them open the door and turn on the ignition.
Motorola Mobility is now own by China company 10/31/2014
The $2.9 billion purchase adds to a flurry of acquisitions and initiatives aimed at transforming Beijing-based Lenovo, the world's biggest maker of personal computers, into a major player in wireless computing.
Has Microsoft finish layoff yet ? 10/31/2014
First announced in July, the first wave of layoffs left approximately 13,000 unemployed. The next came in September where another 2,100 was dismissed. Upon completion of the job reductions, Microsoft's workforce will be around 110,000 employees.
PC rebounce forecasted 10/31/2014
Intel reported recently, along with higher than expected third quarter results. Intel also indicated the demand for chips is in good shape. This is excellent news for suppliers of electronic chemicals and materials used in microprocessors, computer chipsets and DRAM, which are all used in PCs.
Microchip Technology missed target 10/31/2014
The decrease in sales, however, was blamed on the economic climate in China rather than internal issues.
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