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Monday, December 22, 2014
Industry News
New memory architectures emerge as DDR hits limit 12/4/2014
Emerging DRAM technologies such as wide IO, HMC and HBM are being optimised for different applications and present different approaches to address bandwidth, power and area challenges. Wide I/O typically uses TSVs, interposers and 3D stacking technologies.
Semiconductor growth doubled in 2014 12/4/2014
Sales in the Americas increased 12.2 per cent year-over-year in October, leading all regions. A new WSTS industry forecast projects substantial growth for 2014 and moderate growth for 2015 and 2016.
India manufacturers experiencing fast growth 12/3/2014
Factories in India experienced their fastest growth in nearly two years as escalating order books pushed manufacturers to speed up output.
Intel's latest acquisition is for network security 12/3/2014
PasswordBox will become part of the Safe Identity organization within Intel Security Group that is focused on simplifying and strengthening security by delivering ideas that reduce the pain of having to memorize dozens of passwords.
Cavium introduced ThunderX ARM server chip 12/3/2014
Businesses increasingly are looking for systems that offer both performance and power efficiency. Chip makers like Cavium, Applied Micro and Advanced Micro Devices are leveraging the company's 64-bit ARMv8-A architecture to create SoCs for servers
More companies plan to hire 12/3/2014
Still, hiring has been healthy this year, giving more Americans paychecks to spend. Employers have added an average of 229,000 jobs a month this year, up from 194,000 in 2013.
Samsung chip sales grown 15.6% 12/2/2014
IHS Technologies said Samsung's performance comes as worldwide demand for mobile devices have surged this year, which has fueled demand for mobile DRAMs, NAND flash memory and image sensors.
Weeled robots give Amazon workers a break 12/2/2014
Amazon says it processed orders for 36.8 million items on the Monday after Thanksgiving last year, and it's expecting "Cyber Monday" to be even busier this year.
Smart phone controlled smart planting system 12/2/2014
The plants will grow in small containers called ROOT Pods that hold your plants' roots in place. The app will sync with your ROOT so you receive notifications and alerts when your ROOT needs water or nutrients.
Cypress moving to acquire Spansion for $4 Billion 12/2/2014
Once completed, the deal would create an expanded embedded chip vendor with $2 billion in annual revenues, half in mainly NOR flash and SRAM memory with the rest split between microcontrollers and analogue parts.
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