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Friday, December 19, 2014
Industry News
Microsoft share holders approved CEO pay 12/5/2014
Nadella was paid a base salary of $918,917 and a $3.6 million bonus, along with stock grants valued at $79.8 million.
Google acquired land in Los Angeles 12/5/2014
City Councilman Mike Bonin, who represents the area, said the purchase "brands Playa Vista as the tech and innovation capital of Los Angeles."
The FPGA race is on 12/5/2014
The battle for FPGA market share continues unabated. 2015 promises to see initial product releases and (no doubt) a deluge of marketing claims and counter-claims. One thing is certain, 2015 will not be boring.
Toshiba to spend $1B to expand in Southeast Asia 12/5/2014
The company also remains positive about the country even after Toshiba Semiconductor Thailand's (TST) old factory was inundated during the 2001 floods.
Samsung sold fibra optic business to Cornings 12/4/2014
"We have decided to sell our fibre optics business, in order to focus on our core business areas," a Samsung Electronics spokeswoman said.
Boeing 787 battery fire cause concluded 12/4/2014
The most likely culprits, according to the report, were contamination or a battery manufacturing process that allowed such defects coupled with a failure on Boeing's part to understand how the batteries could fail.
New memory architectures emerge as DDR hits limit 12/4/2014
Emerging DRAM technologies such as wide IO, HMC and HBM are being optimised for different applications and present different approaches to address bandwidth, power and area challenges. Wide I/O typically uses TSVs, interposers and 3D stacking technologies.
Semiconductor growth doubled in 2014 12/4/2014
Sales in the Americas increased 12.2 per cent year-over-year in October, leading all regions. A new WSTS industry forecast projects substantial growth for 2014 and moderate growth for 2015 and 2016.
India manufacturers experiencing fast growth 12/3/2014
Factories in India experienced their fastest growth in nearly two years as escalating order books pushed manufacturers to speed up output.
Intel's latest acquisition is for network security 12/3/2014
PasswordBox will become part of the Safe Identity organization within Intel Security Group that is focused on simplifying and strengthening security by delivering ideas that reduce the pain of having to memorize dozens of passwords.
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