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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Industry News
New Raspberry Pi microcomputer board is feature filled 7/15/2014
It has a 40-pin General-purpose input/output (GPIO) -- building on the previous version's 26 pins -- so that even more sensors, connectors and expansion boards can be added. Four USB accessories -- including a 2.5 inch hard drive -- can be powered through the device thanks to advanced power management.
Seat sensor knows driver conditions 7/15/2014
The dangers of falling asleep while driving may soon become a thing of the past with the development of car seats which can detect when a driver is beginning to nod off. Researchers at Nottingham Trent University are set to begin how to embed an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor system into the fabric of car seats in an effort to save lives. Driver fatigue is a contributory factor in one in five motorway accidents, according to a study by the Department for Transport. The sensor system can be used to detect heart signals which indicate a driver is beginning to lose alertness, and trigger a warning to pull over. Should the driver choose to ignore the alerts, active cruise control or lane departure technology could be deployed to gently guide the vehicle. The information could also be sent over a wireless network to a control centre to take further action. Sensors embedded into the fabric of a car seat could be used to detect heart signals triggered by fatigue Professor Tilak Dias and William Hurley of the Universityís Advanced Textile Research Group will collaborate with semiconductor company Plessey on the study. The experiment marks the first time Plessey's Electric Potenial Integrated Circuit (EPIC) sensors could be used to extract electrophysiology signals in an automotive environment without direct contact with the body. Professor Dias said: ďPlessey has already demonstrated that cardiac signals can be measured unobtrusively using capacitive sensors mounted within the driverís seat; the requirement now is to improve the consistency and reliability of the data so that it can be used for the intended purpose. "This requires a novel approach to the design of the electrodes, and Nottingham Trent Universityís knitted conductive textile technology offers the potential to produce robust electrodes that can be easily incorporated into automotive seats.Ē Should the study prove successful, the team is aiming to develop the seats initially for lorry drivers, before expanding into the luxury car market. The study has received over £88,000 of funding from the Technology Strategy Board, as part of its investment in the development of internet-enabled sensors communicating with other machines and appliances through an information network, known generally as the Internet of Things.
Amazon takes next step with FAA to drone delivery 7/15/2014
"We believe customers will love it, and we are committed to making Prime Air available to customers worldwide as soon as we are permitted to do so,"
Samsung Exynos gets more powerful 7/15/2014
With the integration of its own quad-core processor, Samsung is consolidating its cellular component under the Exynos brandómimicking Qualcomm's Snapdragon family of mobile chips. The intention is clear: Get Qualcomm.
Nanya raised outlook for current quarter 7/14/2014
ĀgIn the third quarter, we are seeing strong demand from almost all segments, including PCs, servers and handsets, because of seasonal factors. We are expecting supply constraint to take place in the third quarter.Āh
Bell Labs run 10Gbits on copper into home 7/14/2014
Now Alcatel-Lucent's Bell Labs has invented a solutionóa method of running 1Gbit/s to 10Gbit/s broadband signals from the curb to the residence using the existing copper telephone lines already there.
Hong Kong I'M Memory announced 8Gb DDR3 DRAM 7/14/2014
The I'M 8Gb components are 100 per cent compatible with the JEDEC standard pinout, timing, and row/column/bank addressing, providing the simplest path to higher density DDR3 upgrades.
Smartphone demand boosted mobile memories 7/14/2014
Smartphone shipments in 2014 are expected to grow 29 per cent on year to 1.196 billion due to increased demand in China as a result of 4G TD-LTE developments.
TSMC posted record quarterly sales - thanks to Apple 7/11/2014
Apple has contracted TSMC to make chips for its devices using the Taiwanese companyís latest 22/20 nanometer production technology.
Mentor Graphics acquired XS Embedded to complete automotive electronic platform 7/11/2014
The addition of XS Embeddedís team and product lines brings two benefits to Mentorís automotive customers. Carmakers will be able to launch a product more quickly, with a head start in optimizing their hardware and software.
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