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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Industry News
TDK show fast SST-MRAM 10/9/2014
Spin-transfer torque MRAM has the advantage of being as fast at reading and writing data as short-term storage technologies like SRAM and DRAM, but as a non-volatile type of memory it can hold on to its contents for many years like flash memory.
Boeing and Airbus in disagreement on deployable black boxes 10/9/2014
Questions about whether airliners should be equipped with deployable black boxes arose after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared in March. The Boeing 777 with 239 people on board still has not been found.
Manufacturing initiative to generate 10,000 local jobs in India 10/8/2014
Once the EMC and IT Park is built, Chief Minister Chouhan said the city might eventually be known as a hub of electronic goods manufacturing.
IBM resumes talk for Globalfoundries to take over fab 10/8/2014
Bloomberg News reported in June that Globalfoundries was primarily interested in acquiring IBM’s engineers and intellectual property rather than manufacturing facilities, according to people with knowledge of the matter. Globalfoundries would have acted as a supplier for IBM’s microprocessors, the people said at the time.
Google and Apple would not share data encryption with government 10/8/2014
Justice Department is looking into the matter and they’re trying to figure out how the new systems, and encryption put forward by Google and Apple work and how the companies could possibly alter their encryption to make it accessible when its court ordered.
Manufacturing Barometer improved 10/8/2014
“The projected revenue growth rate among industrial manufacturing companies rose during the third quarter, indicating increased levels of confidence in company fundamentals and competitive positioning,”
Samsung to invest $14.5B on one single plant 10/7/2014
"Right now the only part of the company that is bringing in steady profits is the semiconductor division, so it looks like the company will keep investing in the business," said IM Investment analyst Lee Min-hee.
Virtium announced VLP DD4 modules 10/7/2014
Virtium claims to be one of the first to offer DDR4 memory modules, and the company's latest modules give embedded-industrial OEMs increased performance, lower power and higher bandwidth advantages.
Toshiba announced smallest embedded eMMC process 10/7/2014
By using the 15nm process technology, the product's package size is about 26 per cent smaller than comparable Toshiba products and offers faster read/write performance due to improvements in basic chip performance and controller optimisation.
HP announced more layoff as it splits into two companies 10/7/2014
As part of its cost management, HP increased by 5,000 the number of people it plans to lay off, bringing the total to as much as 57,000. In May the company added 16,000 layoffs to the plan the restructuring plan announced in 2012 to lay off 36,000 workers.
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