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Friday, October 31, 2014
Industry News
Kimberly Clark to part 1300 employees 10/22/2014
Kimberly-Clark Corp. said that it anticipates restructuring costs between $130 million and $160 million, after taxes. The company foresees between $120 million and $140 million in savings by the end of 2017.
OpenVX to enhance computer vision 10/22/2014
The interface lets developers handle front-end processing of computer vision data without waking up a CPU or graphics core. "That enables low-power operation for virtual and augmented reality wearables that want to continuously scan the environment—a very battery sensitive use case."
MasterCard testing fingerprint authorized cards 10/21/2014
The contactless payment card has an integrated fingerprint sensor and a secure data store for the cardholder’s biometric data. The card also has an EMV chip, used in European payment cards instead of a magnetic stripe to increase payment security.
IBM report disappointed Wall Street 10/21/2014
IBM's third-quarter adjusted earnings from continuing operations of $3.68 per share and revenue of $22.4 billion were short of what analysts polled by FactSet predicted. They forecast earnings of $4.32 per share on revenue of $23.39 billion.
EU to fund NanoStreams micro server projects 10/21/2014
The system leverages a hybrid DRAM-PCRAM memory system and a non-cache-coherent, scale-out architecture to achieve extreme energy-efficiency. It systems uses a mix of Calxeda SoC and Xilinx Zinq boards.
IBM to pay GlobalFoundries $1.5B to take over fab. 10/21/2014
"In a way it's a bit of a sad ending for IBM's once-proud hardware technology, but times have changed, and the industry has long since moved on, and it took IBM way too long to wake up to that fact."
Samsung 64bit has a new name 10/20/2014
The Exynos 7 Octa is a beast of a chip, as Samsung says it showcases a 57 percent performance boost over the previous generation.
Sony to make special camera for future automobiles 10/20/2014
A case in point is the sensor for car-mounted cameras that Sony announced on Thursday. Auto makers are increasingly putting cameras on cars to assist with parking and safe driving, and sensors will be critical to efforts to create fully self-driving cars.
Power inverter market to grow to $18B 10/20/2014
Every electric vehicle needs at least one electric traction motor, many have two or more, and each traction motor requires an inverter to power it. Inverter sizes range from a few hundred watts to several hundred kilowatts and span electric vehicle applications from electric cycles to passenger vehicles to commercial and military vehicles, all of which are expanding at unprecedented rates.
Apple released new iPad and iMac 10/20/2014
Apple officials say the SoC has 40 per cent faster CPU and 2.5 time GPU performance than previous versions. The new iPads also come with Apple's M8 motion coprocessor, faster Wi-Fi at 802.11ac with MIMO, and throughput speeds of up to 866Mbit/s.
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