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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Industry News
Hong Kong I'M Memory announced 8Gb DDR3 DRAM 7/14/2014
The I'M 8Gb components are 100 per cent compatible with the JEDEC standard pinout, timing, and row/column/bank addressing, providing the simplest path to higher density DDR3 upgrades.
Smartphone demand boosted mobile memories 7/14/2014
Smartphone shipments in 2014 are expected to grow 29 per cent on year to 1.196 billion due to increased demand in China as a result of 4G TD-LTE developments.
TSMC posted record quarterly sales - thanks to Apple 7/11/2014
Apple has contracted TSMC to make chips for its devices using the Taiwanese company’s latest 22/20 nanometer production technology.
Mentor Graphics acquired XS Embedded to complete automotive electronic platform 7/11/2014
The addition of XS Embedded’s team and product lines brings two benefits to Mentor’s automotive customers. Carmakers will be able to launch a product more quickly, with a head start in optimizing their hardware and software.
House approved bills to bring manufacturing job back 7/11/2014
WIOA modernizes and strengthens national workforce training programs, creating smaller, more strategic state and local workforce development boards and allowing them to tailor programs to meet local needs.
Qualcomm FinFET processing order goes to Samsung 7/10/2014
Qualcomm reportedly has placed its first batch of FinFET chip orders with Samsung Electronics, instead of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) as widely expected.
Boeing captures $56B order 7/10/2014
Production of the 777X is expected to start in 2017, with first delivery targeted for 2020.
New consortium to form IoT connectivity standards 7/10/2014
For its part, the OIC plans to release this fall an implementation of open-source code targeting home and office devices and a general specification by early 2015. Versions for automotive, healthcare, and industrial markets will follow.
$60 Million acquirstion based on motion processing IP's 7/10/2014
Movea SA in France, has a portfolio of over 500 patents and established business relationships with major consumer electronics makers worldwide. Canada-based TPI is smaller, but has a highly specialised solution for determining the orientation of a device for navigation, wearable, and other high-volume applications.
Walmart hosts first ever "Made in the USA" conference 7/9/2014
ˇ°In an unprecedented event, we are opening our doors and making our buyers available to meet with suppliers with one goal in mind: buy more American products,ˇ±
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