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Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Industry News
Samsung denies BlackBerry acquisition rumor 1/20/2015
“We want to work with BlackBerry and develop this partnership, not acquire the company,” J.K. Shin, who heads Samsung’s mobile-phone business, said in a statement to The Wall Street Journal.
G. Skill DDR4 module works at 3400MHz 1/20/2015
The company claims it has reached this 3.4GHz high using hand-picked memory chips, chose using the company's selective-binning process from a wide cache of parts.
China's change of cellphone rule puts Qualcomm on disadvantage 1/20/2015
China Mobile has switched from requiring baseband modem chips to support five modes to supporting three modes, giving an advantage to such Chinese suppliers as Leadcore Technology and Spreadtrum Communications over Qualcomm.
MEMS accelerometer guides smart bullet 1/20/2015
The accelerometer in the round is used to turn the bullet on and the image sensor is used to detect distance to the target and set off the payload milliseconds before it would otherwise impact the target.
Apple to build some Macs with ARM processor 1/19/2015
A new report from KGI Securities claims Apple is seriously investigating using its own ARM-based chips for low-end Macs beginning in the next one or two years.
Legal trading with Cuba to start 1/19/2015
This week, the Treasury and Commerce departments unveiled the language of changes to sanctions against Cuba, which include the opening of banking relations and expanding travel opportunities for Americans.
IoT, Cloud, and 3D Printing to influence the world 1/19/2015
Internet of Everything, cloud computing/big data and 3D printing are the three technologies that are expected to transform the world during the next five years.
Seiko Epson handler is for chip testing 1/19/2015
NS8040SH IC test handlers are used in combination with other test equipment in IC inspection processes. They transport ICs to the test equipment for final performance testing and then sort the tested chips into "passed," "failed" or other appropriate bins according to appearance, electrical characteristics, or other user-defined criteria.
Singapore to build semi fab infastructure for multiple tanents 1/16/2015
The facility will provide semiconductor manufacturers with the option to start with small production units before scaling up their capacities in the future.
"Oil is in oversupply" confirmed by UAE minister 1/16/2015
Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal told the publication that the industry won’t see $100-a-barrel oil again.
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