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Friday, December 19, 2014
Industry News
Chinese mobile manufacturer hits legal wall in India 12/12/2014
The High Court of Delhi issued a temporary injunction this week on the sale and import of Xiaomi handsets in India while it waited to hear a patent complaint against Xiaomi by Swedish telecom equipment maker Ericsson.
German startup to build electric sports car 12/12/2014
In contrast to battery electric vehicles as the world knows them, the Quant E's batteries are not recharged on some kind of electric charging station. Instead, the liquid electrolyte within the car's two tanks is exchanged against a fresh electrolyte. Despite the relatively large volume of the tanks (2 x 200L), this can be achieved much faster than charging a battery.
Tablet processor from AMD to support multiple OS 12/12/2014
The Amur processors will feature ARM's Cortex A57 architecture and will support both Android and Linux operating systems.
Falling oil prices put money in consumer's pocket 12/12/2014
Growing global supplies will push oil down further, to below $60, by the end of the week. "It's the proverbial 'trying to catch a falling dagger'.
Tests show most consumer SSD has acceptable endurance 12/11/2014
Tech Report took up the challenge of SSD durability and made an impressive finding. As part of its durability test, it forced six drives from Intel, Kingston, Samsun and Corsair to continuously write and rewrite 10GB of static data consisting of files of various sizes with almost a year of constant writing to the disks.
Lawyers scramble to find new plaintiffs in Apple class-action suit 12/11/2014
Attorneys suing Apple have alleged that its use of restrictive software, which kept iPods from playing music purchased from competitors of Apple's iTunes store, effectively blocked rivals from the market and allowed the Cupertino, California, company to sell iPods at inflated prices. Apple says the software was necessary to prevent unauthorized copying.
Plenty of oil for America 12/11/2014
This is a result of advances in drilling technology that have made it possible for engineers to reach oil and gas in unconventional rock and extreme locations and quieted talk that the world was quickly running out of oil.
India PC market grew 12/11/2014
The overall consumer PC market recorded 1.37 million units, a QoQ growth of 18.1 per cent over 2Q14. "Uptake of affordable PC segment (sub-$400 portable PCs) along with seasonal demand owing to festive season resulted in a sharp improvement in Q3,"
Nanya Reports drop in DRAM revenue 12/10/2014
Revenue contracted 1.48 percent to NT$4.09 billion (US$131 million) last month, compared with NT$4.15 billion in October, according to a company statement. Last month’s figure is the lowest since June after declining for a third month.
Lensless image sensor from Rambus 12/10/2014
The idea is that it will provide a low-cost and non-bulky form of imaging that can be added to many things as a means of improving their contextual awareness, which could not justify the bulk and cost of lensed image sensors.
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