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Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Industry News
Korean memory manufacturers likely to spend less on expansion 11/18/2014
After exits and bankruptcies, the key word for Samsung and SK hynix, the world's top two memory chip manufacturers, is how to maximize profit rather than expand capacity.
Fog computing builds community of the future 11/18/2014
The IoE connects people, processes, data and things through the Internet, turning data generated from connected devices into actionable intelligence that can improve processes, decision-making and scenario planning for businesses and people.
Samsung pulls out the big gun in countersue Nvidia 11/18/2014
The suit, filed on November 4 in a Virginia federal court, came two months after Nvidia sued Samsung and Qualcomm, saying the companies were using Nvidia's graphics patents without paying.
More memory devices consumed in China 11/18/2014
China alone accounts for 28 per cent of mobile DRAM's overall bit demand. The importance of China's economic development to the entire DRAM industry is expected to become more apparent next year as that proportion rises to over 40 per cent.
TSMC ahead of schedule on 16nm FinFET 3D chips 11/17/2014
The company's announcement of the "milestone" included endorsements of the process technology by customers such as Avago Technologies, Freescale, LG Electronics, MediaTek, Nvidia, Renesas, and Xilinx.
JEDEC JESD21-C Update now available in hard copy 11/17/2014
JESD21-C is a compilation of some 3000 pages of all memory device standards for solid state memory including DIMM, DRAM, SDRAM, MCP, PROM, and others from September 1989 to present.
SAP settles dispute with Oracle 11/17/2014
Business software maker SAP is paying rival Oracle $359 million to settle a bitter battle over the theft of copyrighted instruction manuals and other technical information.
Cloud based mobile environment enhance productivity 11/17/2014
According to the company, the cloud-based office tools enables employees to share schedules and files as well as work on projects anywhere and anytime, thus increasing daily collaboration from two hours to as much as 4.5 hours.
TSMC board approved spending on capex 11/14/2014
The funds will be used to expand TSMC's fab and office buildings, and enhance R&D, according to a company statement.
Berkshire to buy Duracell 11/14/2014
"I have always been impressed by Duracell, as a consumer and as a long-term investor in P&G and Gillette," Buffett said in a statement on Thursday.
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