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Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Industry News
Toshiba to set $1.9Billion capex 9/10/2014
Tanaka said boosting sales and profit in Toshiba's semiconductor unit was a greater priority than becoming No. 1 in the NAND flash memory chip market.
Strong currency helps in this economy 9/10/2014
The U.S. currency climbed to its highest level in six years against the Japanese yen Tuesday, and it's trading at its highest level in 14 months against the euro.
Toshiba offer smallest photorelay 9/10/2014
The products are available in the Toshiba-developed VSON4 package. Compared to equivalent Toshiba products in a USOP4 package, the photorelays reduce the assembly area by 50 per cent and volume by 60 per cent.
Apple announced watch with e-payment 9/10/2014
The digital timepiece needs an iPhone to connect to WiFi and access GPS data. It also includes Siri and can turn heartbeats into physical vibrations that other Apple Watch users can feel. The device comes with Fitness and Workout apps.
Obama administration promise new law to stop corporate inversions 9/9/2014
An inversion happens when a U.S. corporation and a foreign company merge, with the new parent company based in the foreign country. For tax purposes, the U.S. company becomes foreign-owned, even if all the executives and operations stay in the U.S.
GE sells appliance division 9/9/2014
Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, GE Appliances' products include refrigerators, freezers, cooking products, washers and dryers and air conditioners. The division, which has 12,000 workers at nine factories, earned $381 million on $8.3 billion in sales last year.
New graphene device can see terahertz wave at room temperature 9/9/2014
an X-ray goes right through the skin to the bone, missing the layers just beneath the skin's surface entirely. Terahertz waves see the in-between. The speed and sensitivity of the room temperature detector presented in this research opens the door to future discoveries in this in-between zone.
Golo connects your car diagnostic to your smartphone 9/9/2014
Users can make these data available to their trusted repair workshop for a thorough remote diagnosis. If there is a serious problem, the driver gets immediate feedback and a warning in cases where it would be advisable to contact the nearest workshop.
JEDEC release 4th generation mobile DRAM standard 9/8/2014
“LPDDR4 represents a dramatic performance increase. It is intended to meet the power, bandwidth, packaging, cost and compatibility requirements of the world’s most advanced mobile systems.”
Apple to send notification when someone restores your iCloud 9/8/2014
Apple Inc. will use email and push notifications to let users know when someone tries to restore iCloud data on a new device, change an account password or attempts an initial log on to an account with a new device.
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