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Friday, August 22, 2014
Industry News
European Commission funds multi-core platform for drones 8/15/2014
The project will end in October and on 1 September in Munich will present results and offer a hands-on experience.
Cisco to part 6,000 8/15/2014
Chief Financial Officer Frank Calderoni said the company estimates pretax charges of up to $700 million, with about $250 to $350 million recorded in the current quarter, for the restructuring.
Call it phase two of the Chinese fabless evolution 8/15/2014
BY leaving the US stock market, these companies become state-owned entities and look for a fresh infusion of state funds. But this tactic doesn't guarantee success. It's simply the latest angle Chinese fabless companies are taking in hopes of growth and profitability.
LTE-Advanced deployment is the next target 8/15/2014
Carrier aggregation (CA) is the most important feature of LTE-Advanced, which helps mobile carriers to utilize all spectrum resources to increase data rates.
Oracle Sparc M7 will boost in-memory computations 8/14/2014
One of those is in-memory processing, where data is fetched from main memory instead of disk to reduce query times. It's one of the big selling points of Oracle's latest 12C database
Amazon introduced smartphone payment system 8/14/2014
Small businesses can start using Local Register by creating an account on . Businesses must buy Amazon's card reader for $10, and download the free mobile app from the Amazon app store.
FPGA card accelerates Bing search engine 8/14/2014
"That means we could use half the number of servers to do Bing," said Putnam, a huge savings for cost-sensitive data centres.
Nvidia's Denver claimed higher performance than Apple A7 8/14/2014
Denver was nearly on par with an Intel Haswell processor and surpassed by 10 per cent to 25 per cent an Apple A7 series SoC in benchmarks Nvidia showed.
New iPhone to affect competitor sales 8/13/2014
According to TrendForce, Samsung will probably not reach its goal of 350 million handset shipments for 2014.
M-RAM targeted to replace low density DRAM 8/13/2014
SST-MRAM delivers the high performance of DRAM and SRAM, has the low power and low cost of flash memory, scales well below 10nm, and leverages existing CMOS manufacturing techniques and processes. Since it is non-volatile, STT-MRAM will also retain its data indefinitely when the power is lost or completely turned off.
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