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Thursday, October 30, 2014
Industry News
Robotic shipment hit record in North America 10/28/2014
Companies of all sizes continue to recognize that automation makes them stronger global competitors. It’s also interesting to note that as robot sales boom, U.S. unemployment continues to fall, and is currently at its lowest level since July of 2008, further evidence that robotics helps save and create jobs.
Ferro memory is now futher improved 10/28/2014
"Our discovery opens up the possibility for faster switching and new control over novel, never-before-expected multi-state devices."
Startup gets funding on virtual instruction set computing 10/27/2014
Soft Machines, which disclosed its plans for the first time Thursday, has raised a hefty $125 million in funding and employs 250 people in California, India and Russia. It topped a recent ranking of most heavily funded startups operating in stealth mode.
P&G to spin off Duracell batteries 10/27/2014
Jon Moeller, the company's chief financial officer, said during a call with reporters that Duracell is an "attractive" business that generates about $2 billion a year in sales. But he said P&G wants to focus on products that are "even more attractive."
Autonomous window adjust itself to amount of sunlight 10/27/2014
The window is said to be capable of controlling the amount of sunlight penetration by automatically switching between transparent or day mode and opaque or night mode, depending upon the incident solar radiation.
Electronic canceling to lower auotmobile noise 10/27/2014
Harman's algorithm in the controller creates inverse sound waves through the car's audio system loudspeakers to cancel out the noise caused by the road-induced vibration.
Amazon take $170 million write down on phones 10/24/2014
During the company’s earnings conference call this afternoon, CFO Tom Szkutak revealed that Amazon took a $170 million charge in write-down costs last quarter “primarily related to Fire Phone inventory valuation and supplier commitment costs.”
Google setup store to promote modular handset project 10/24/2014
Project Ara is Google’s upcoming build-your-own smartphone that allows users to mix and match features. The US$50 configurable smartphone will come with a basic frame, and users can add or remove features by simply snapping on or taking off modular parts.
Record DRAM profit at Hynix 10/24/2014
Revenue grew 5.6 percent from a year earlier to 4.3 trillion won, also a quarterly record with growth in every product group.
Eurozone survey confirms recession fear 10/24/2014
"Growth is so anemic that increasing numbers of companies are being forced into laying off staff and slashing prices in an attempt to cut costs and boost sales through discounting."
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