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Thursday, December 18, 2014
Industry News
ROHM to build modern factory in Thailand 12/16/2014
The ROHM Group has been working to strengthen production capability by updating its manufacturing equipment and increasing the total floor space at RIST by investing around $126 million to build a new 28,800m2 manufacturing facility to meet future growth.
Qualcomm try to restore China relationship by investing China 12/16/2014
Qualcomm Inc. has revealed that it and its subsidiaries have committed to invest nearly $40M into four Chinese companies and the China Walden Venture Investments, L.P. fund, which is primarily focused on investing in semiconductor or semiconductor-related companies with business in China.
Semi backend company doing good 12/15/2014
ChipMOS reported sales of NT$1.95 billion (US$62.9 million) for November 2014, up 0.3% on month and 20.2% from a year earlier.
Producer price index down 12/15/2014
Producer price index fell 0.2 percent in November, after rising by the same amount in October. In the past 12 months, producer prices have risen just 1.4 percent, the smallest yearly increase since February.
Spray-on solar cell is easy to install 12/15/2014
SprayLD can be use in roll-to-roll manufacturing to create films that can be applied to nearly any surface from patio furniture to airplane wings to the surface of your car.
Renesas has low-error low power SRAM 12/15/2014
The devices are high-reliability products that achieve the same soft error rate as Renesas' earlier products that were fabricated in a 150nm process. They also achieve low-power operation with a standby current of maximum of 2uA at 25C.
Chinese mobile manufacturer hits legal wall in India 12/12/2014
The High Court of Delhi issued a temporary injunction this week on the sale and import of Xiaomi handsets in India while it waited to hear a patent complaint against Xiaomi by Swedish telecom equipment maker Ericsson.
German startup to build electric sports car 12/12/2014
In contrast to battery electric vehicles as the world knows them, the Quant E's batteries are not recharged on some kind of electric charging station. Instead, the liquid electrolyte within the car's two tanks is exchanged against a fresh electrolyte. Despite the relatively large volume of the tanks (2 x 200L), this can be achieved much faster than charging a battery.
Tablet processor from AMD to support multiple OS 12/12/2014
The Amur processors will feature ARM's Cortex A57 architecture and will support both Android and Linux operating systems.
Falling oil prices put money in consumer's pocket 12/12/2014
Growing global supplies will push oil down further, to below $60, by the end of the week. "It's the proverbial 'trying to catch a falling dagger'.
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