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Thursday, April 24, 2014
Industry News
Package and innovative I/O forms next generation DRAM memory 4/21/2014
Personal computers and servers are on the brink of a conversion from DDR3 to DDR4. The electronics industry awaits that interval when it would migrate from interfaces to something faster with lower power requirements.
Samsung "Earphone" simplifies Google Glass concept 4/21/2014
Earphone, which Samsung has filed to patent in South Korea, has only a single miniature heads-up-display, which extends around to present itself in front of the user's eye. Unlike Glass, which wraps around to rest on both ears like a pair of glasses, Earphone wraps around one ear and plugs audio directly into the ear canal using an earbud.
GlobalFoundries licensed Samsung's FINFET process 4/18/2014
They’ll be able to promise customers a steady supply of chips, because customers will now be able to order the same type of FINFET products from GlobalFoundries’ factory in Saratoga County, New York, as well as from Samsung’s factories in Korea and in Austin, Texas.
US Manufacturers are optimistic 4/18/2014
The positive sentiment about the prospects of U.S. commerce in the next 12 months reached the highest level since the fourth quarter of 2005. Conversely, optimism regarding the prospects of the world economy lessened during the first quarter as U.S. industrial manufacturers remained cautious on the global stage.
Finger print authentication can be fooled too 4/18/2014
The flaw is potentially more serious, because Schlabs says he was also able to trick the electronic payment app PayPal that uses Samsung's authentication system into accepting the fake fingerprint.
Modular phone priced at $50 4/17/2014
During this week's Project Ara Developers Conference, leader Paul Eremenko announced the "Gray Phone"—an intentionally boring handset expected to be personalized.
QDR IV fills niche memory market for networking systems 4/17/2014
Quad Data Rate IV (QDR-IV) SRAM was designed for high-speed communications and networking applications, and it prioritizes data throughput over cost, power efficiency, or density, unlike DRAM or flash. At the same time, the goal is also to double performance of SRAM with each generation.
DRAM prices continue to slide 4/17/2014
Fixed price of DDR3 2Gb 256Mx8 1333MHz chips, the standard in setting the price of DRAMs, came to $1.81 in the second half of March, down 8.1 percent from the $1.97 a year earlier.
GE setup prototype factory for smart appliances 4/17/2014
The micro-factory philosophy aims to bring an open platform and co-creation to the appliances market so that the company can create the products that consumers want at an accelerated pace.
Xilinx completed validation on DDR4 memory controller 4/16/2014
“Together with Agilent, we have given customers the ability to accelerate the development of high-performance memory designs,”
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