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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Industry News
Globalfoundries in discussion to acquire IBM Microelectronics 6/13/2014
Globalfoundries is primarily interested in acquiring IBMís engineers and intellectual property rather than manufacturing facilities, which have little value as they are more than a decade old,
EU court upholds fine on Intel 6/13/2014
EU officials assessed the fine in 2009 after determining that in 2002-07, Intel awarded rebates to computer makers if they bought exclusively or mostly Intel-made CPUs, commonly known as the brains of a computer.
Qualcomm released SoCs for micro-cells 6/13/2014
"The small cell is able to scan its environment and detect new neighbours that may be coming up, detect power of a macro cell and make adjustments to its setting to make that cell easier to deploy,"
Maxwell has ultra-cap for special applications 6/13/2014
"Batteries are limited in their ability to deliver high power to a load. Ultracapacitors are capable of releasing electrical energy at high power levels, and they can accept a high rate of charge, making them an ideal complement to batteries in high-power applications."
Texas governor knocks at Tesla's doors 6/12/2014
California and Texas are among a handful of states fighting for the planned battery plant, which will represent a $5 billion investment from the California-based car company and its partners.
Large companies are getting unfair tax breaks in certain EU countries 6/12/2014
The countries named Wednesday have been criticized °™ Ireland for its low tax rates, the Netherlands and Luxembourg as homes for shell companies, and all three for a lack of transparency.
On Semi acquires Aptina Image sensor technology 6/12/2014
The acquisition will make On Semi a player in the image sensor segments of the automotive and industrial semiconductor markets. Other markets addressed by Aptina's products include cameras, mobile devices, and computing and gaming platforms.
ST announced new Field Effect Rectifier diode 6/12/2014
The ST FERD family provides an attractive alternative as it meets the efficiency levels required by the energy-savings standards applicable to off-line switch mode power supplies while costing about 30 per cent less than a synchronous rectification kit.
Micron to disclose progress on ReRAM 6/11/2014
Micron says the presentation will introduce a ReRAM cell technology meeting the storage class memory performance specifications for a 16 Gigabit ReRAM with 200 Megabyte per second write and 1 Gigabyte per second read speeds.
Samsung continue to invest in Vietnam 6/11/2014
Samsung's move to expand its production base in Vietnam comes as the country is undergoing a swift economic transition. Exports of smartphones and computer parts are beginning to overtake those of coffee and garments.
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