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Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Industry News
TI takes lead in automobile driver assistance chips 8/11/2014
Based on its recent analysis of the ADAS market, Frost & Sullivan recognized TI with the 2014 Product Leadership Award for Semiconductor Solutions for the ADAS Industry.
US labor productivity returns 8/11/2014
The Labor Department says that productivity increased 2.5 percent at a seasonally adjusted annual rate, after plummeting 4.5 percent in the first quarter.
Smartphone to disable in the case of theft 8/11/2014
After Apple Inc. added the optional "Activation Lock" feature to its iPhones in September, robberies of Apple products in New York City dropped 19 percent.
Record chip sales in June 8/11/2014
Improved economic conditions worldwide, particularly in the U.S., and a booming memory chip market are being credited for the global semiconductor industry's strong sales growth in 1H14.
Inotera see signs of coming back 8/8/2014
The company said last week that chip prices were likely to rise by 5 percent to 10 percent sequentially this quarter.
Steve Wozniak addressed Flash Memory Summit 8/8/2014
People talk about a lot of competition to it: phase change memory, magneto resistance and all this, and that they'll all be cheaper and faster and denser. But you have to get that density factor down. They're not there yet.
WTO condemns China on rare metal export control 8/8/2014
In March, the WTO dispute settlement panel found that China's restrictions breach WTO rules. Its ruling followed complaints by the United States, the European Union and Japan. The Geneva-based WTO's appellate panel on Thursday rejected Beijing's appeal
China bans Apple products from government purchase 8/8/2014
Apple is not the only U.S. technology company banned from purchases by the Chinese government, which stemmed from news that the United States allegedly hacked and spied on Chinese companies.
Smart controller allows Samsung to ship 3bit cell SSD 8/7/2014
Within a month, Samsung could start shipping solid-state drives using new 128Gbit V-NAND chips with 32 layers and three bits per cell. It promises to deliver twice the capacity at 40 per cent less power than SSDs with planar NAND.
China aware of need for semiconductor industry 8/7/2014
Chinese government is well aware of the barriers to its development. This includes the high cost of domestic financing, a long period before investors realise a return on investment, an unwillingness to invest, and a lack of talent to build the industry.
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