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Monday, July 28, 2014
Industry News
Apple to hit market with multiple wearable devices 6/24/2014
Cook indicated the second half of the year will be packed with new products and new product categories. The products almost certainly include revised iPhones and iPads, and the new product category will be Apple's first wearables.
Wafer thinning enhances 3D semiconductors 6/24/2014
The length of the wiring between upper- and lower-layer chips is reduced to below 1/10 compared to conventional TSVs, with wiring resistance, capacitance, and volume being reduced drastically. It is expected to realise applications in ultra-small, Terabit-generation large-scale memory.
Numbers shown that US has a chance to regain manufacturing 6/23/2014
The U.S. has among the lowest labor costs in the industrialized world and is awash in cheap energy, making it attractive for businesses to reshore by bringing their operations back to the U.S.
Rice University scientist has production efficent PV cell 6/23/2014
Black silicon is simply silicon with a highly textured surface of nanoscale spikes or pores that are smaller than the wavelength of light. The texture allows the efficient collection of light from any angle, from sunrise to sunset.
Munich consortium prototypes efficent EV car 6/23/2014
Design goal of Visio.M project is two-fold: The research consortium wants to devise an electric vehicle that offers a maximum of energy efficiency and at the same time features a sporty driving behaviour.
Electronic manufacturing grows in Asean countries 6/23/2014
The increasing infrastructure development in countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar, where electricity demand has surged, is opening up opportunities.
Intel to offer custom server solutions with embedded FPGA 6/20/2014
Intel says the combination can let Web companies and other customers achieve dramatic performance gains on some tasks.
How about an electric Harley? 6/20/2014
The company will take several dozen riders on a 30-city tour to test drive the bikes and provide feedback. Harley will use the information it gathers to continue refining the bike, which might not hit the market for several more years.
New bench mark program rates Exynos over Snapdragon 6/20/2014
AndEBench-Pro is a suite of tests measuring the performance of CPU, GPU, memory and storage subsystems, as well as a platform test that gauges GUI rendering, XML parsing, image manipulation, data compression and cryptography tasks embedded in actual workloads.
Ultrasonic MEMS microphone gives new dimension to device control 6/20/2014
"We've seen applications using up to seven microphones—five are ultrasonics and two are just used for audio purposes."
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