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Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Industry News
FPGA card accelerates Bing search engine 8/14/2014
"That means we could use half the number of servers to do Bing," said Putnam, a huge savings for cost-sensitive data centres.
Nvidia's Denver claimed higher performance than Apple A7 8/14/2014
Denver was nearly on par with an Intel Haswell processor and surpassed by 10 per cent to 25 per cent an Apple A7 series SoC in benchmarks Nvidia showed.
New iPhone to affect competitor sales 8/13/2014
According to TrendForce, Samsung will probably not reach its goal of 350 million handset shipments for 2014.
M-RAM targeted to replace low density DRAM 8/13/2014
SST-MRAM delivers the high performance of DRAM and SRAM, has the low power and low cost of flash memory, scales well below 10nm, and leverages existing CMOS manufacturing techniques and processes. Since it is non-volatile, STT-MRAM will also retain its data indefinitely when the power is lost or completely turned off.
Biochip cut cost on identiying desease 8/13/2014
The chip heats up a culture or sample, and can identify unique molecular structures like DNA sequences, to help identify possible strains of a disease, which can help determine medication, or whether a patient needs to be isolated.
Intel 14nm Broadwell ready to roll 8/13/2014
The process will enable a new class of x86-based 2-in-1 tablet/notebooks less than 9mm thick that will be on store shelves before the end of the year.
Flash prices can fall through $0.14/GB by 2018 8/12/2014
The price for NAND flash chips is expected to reach US$0.49 per 1GB by the end of this year, compared to $0.71 last year, according to the data compiled by market tracker IHS iSuppli, with the price to fall through 2018 to $0.14.
ProMos idled 12" fab to be sold 8/12/2014
The 12-inch fab, located in Taichung Science Park (TSP), has been idle since March 2013 after ProMoS sold the bulk of production equipment of the fab to Globalfoundries. But the fab has completed the construction of its cleanroom and can resume operations if production equipment is reinstalled.
Factory automation order increased 8/12/2014
Order gains in June were driven by two factors the end of the quarter and continued strength in key customer industries, especially automotive, aerospace, medical and energy.
SMIC and Jiansu Changjiang formed 12" supply chain 8/12/2014
Together with SMIC's 12in front-end advanced chip production line in development, this will be China's first-ever domestic 12in advanced IC manufacturing supply chain. This supply chain will shorten the overall manufacturing cycle time.
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