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Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Industry News
Federal jury found Apple not guilty on iPod suit 12/18/2014
In the last 24 hours Apple was victorious in fighting the class-action lawsuit over its iPod prices and American Apparel has officially fired its founder and CEO.
Russian economy suffers with oil prices and sanctions 12/18/2014
Mr. Putin in a 'nothing-to-lose' situation removes any constraint he might have had against reneging on his foreign debt obligations, which Russian borrowers probably cannot pay off or service now. Foreign lenders would have to brace for $670 billion in losses.
Advanced Packaging Industry Report shows growth in Package and Test 12/17/2014
In the age of 2.5D and 3D, their scope of business has been greatly expanded, primarily including micro bumping, thin and reveal, interposer, via middle, WL-carrier assembly, etc.
HGST gets Skyera as Christmas present 12/17/2014
HGST is getting itself a NAND array design powerhouse to add to its existing NAND technology assets. We would guesstimate there was with SanDisk and Seagate in the frame too and so would estimate WD's buying price at maybe $400m or more.
Is Manufacturer reshoring really happening? 12/17/2014
It took 60 years for offshoring to happen, so itís safe to say that itís going to take decades for it to reverse. Ten years ago offshoring was taking about 150,000 jobs a year from the U.S. Last year, the numbers of jobs lost to foreign countries and gained back through reshoring were roughly even.
What does Cypress get with Spansion? 12/17/2014
If we lay out our combined portfolio, we now truly have a one-stop shop for our customers. We eliminate multiple sources, and this makes it easier for them, too. As one company, we have doubled our number of customers.
$10 Nano spctrometer chip to revolutionize your life style 12/16/2014
A spectrometer could be used to identify the freshness of milk. Cnsumers could monitor drinking water from kitchen faucets; certain colors would show whether water is contaminated or safe to drink.
U.S. factory output passed pre-recession level 12/16/2014
Manufacturing output has risen 4.8 percent over the past 12 months. It's now above the previous high set just before the downturn began in December 2007.
ROHM to build modern factory in Thailand 12/16/2014
The ROHM Group has been working to strengthen production capability by updating its manufacturing equipment and increasing the total floor space at RIST by investing around $126 million to build a new 28,800m2 manufacturing facility to meet future growth.
Qualcomm try to restore China relationship by investing China 12/16/2014
Qualcomm Inc. has revealed that it and its subsidiaries have committed to invest nearly $40M into four Chinese companies and the China Walden Venture Investments, L.P. fund, which is primarily focused on investing in semiconductor or semiconductor-related companies with business in China.
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