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Thursday, October 02, 2014
Industry News
Lenovo turns to Taiwan for server help 8/27/2014
China Internet service players Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba are planning to develop an open structure that mainly focuses on satisfying China players' demand and Taiwan-based server players will have a chance to join the project and expand their cooperation with China Internet service players.
iPhone 6 to affect DRAM prices 8/27/2014
Supply chain work in Asia suggests PC DRAM pricing is tracking to a ~3-5% M/M increase in Sept, owing to some pre-iPhone 6 launch supply constraints. While it is too early to see actual supply impact from Samsung ramping DRAM in S3.
Hynix is ready to roll out production at Chongqing City 8/26/2014
The Chinese plant will assemble and test flash-type memory chips that are manufactured at the company's plant in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province.
SpaceX test rocket down 8/26/2014
SpaceX spokesman John Taylor says the test flight involved a three-engine version of its reusable Falcon 9 rocket. He said an "anomaly" was detected in the rocket and it automatically self-destructed.
Notebook panels give way to smartphone diaplay 8/26/2014
Notebook panel shipments, fell 5.8 per cent to 15.32 million due to increased demand for smartphones, while tablet panel shipments dropped 8.4 per cent to 19.27 million.
More prediction on iPhone 6 features 8/26/2014
Jordan Edelson, founder and CEO of Appetizer Mobile, one of the top 10 mobile app developers, spills the beans on what he believes are the facts about the iPhone 6.
Transition to 3D NAND still years away 8/25/2014
So as long as life remains in 2D devices, 3D technology will not be rushed into the marketplace. The timing of a full-scale transition from 2D to 3D NAND memory depends on when 3D becomes a cost-effective option to 2D, and that situation is still a ways off.
Microsoft to venture into ChromeBook alternative 8/25/2014
Microsoft announced that the firm has partnered with Acer, Toshiba, and HP to produce a Google Chromebook alternative a move that will bring Windows to laptops within the price range of $199 to $249
Aptina SoC for backup camera delivers 180 degree de-warp viewing 8/25/2014
The ASX344AT SoC was designed specifically to lower cost and enhance time-to-market. Combining a high-performance sensor, image processing, and 180 degree de-warp capabilities, the ASX344AT is a single-chip solution for backup camera solutions.
SmartPlay to provide turnkey service utilizing Intel Foundry 8/25/2014
SmartPlay shares a successful three-year relationship with Intel Custom Foundry, and has efficiently delivered numerous projects for them such as test chip development platform (Architecture to GDSII), DDR3/4 PHY verification and layout of analogue IPs along with the participation in various customer tape-outs on Intel Custom Foundry's 22nm and 14nm platforms.
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