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Monday, January 26, 2015
Industry News
IBM to experience the largest corporate layoff in history 1/26/2015
IBM is expected to go through a massive reorg next month that will reportedly see 26% of its 430,000-strong work force let go, or 111,800 people. If that figure holds true, that would make it far and away the largest corporate layoff event in history
IBM advanced in self-assemble semiconductor 1/26/2015
It involves synthesizing molecules so that they automatically assemble into complex structures—which then serve as templates for etching nanoscale circuitry into silicon.
Amazon acquires semi company cloud technologies 1/26/2015
"Amazon now runs some of the biggest datacenters in the world, and they are constantly looking for faster and more efficient ways to enable their customers to use their services. This acquisition makes a lot of sense for them,"
Oil prices triggers steel industry layoff 1/26/2015
The dramatic decline in crude oil over the last half of 2014, however, has hurt demand throughout heavy industrial sectors, but has particularly hit U.S. Steel, which made many of its pipes and tubes in Ohio and Texas for the oil industry.
DRAM prices fell slightly 1/23/2015
“The price drop for PC DRAM in the first quarter is simply the effect of the off-season, and there is no noticeable increase from the supplier end”. It is expected that DRAM price will recover and stabilize in the second quarter.
SK Hynix commits $ 5.3B capex 1/23/2015
Global sales of DRAM are expected to climb 14 percent from last year to $52.8 billion this year. This is because demand for mobile DRAM for smartphones and tablet PCs is ever-growing, as well as new demand and replacement need for servers for business uses.
Hon Hai to spin off IC packaging division 1/23/2015
ShunShin Technology, which competes with global chip assembly and tesingt companies including Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, is raising $50 million from an initial public offering in Taiwan and shares will debut on Monday.
Windows 10 features are out of this world 1/23/2015
"We're preparing for a world where there are more devices than people," Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said. "It's not mobility of any single device but the mobility of experience across devices,"
One of the strongest and longest upswings in the semiconductor industry’s history 1/22/2015
“Every single duck is lined up for the industry to go into a prolonged market upturn,” said Malcolm Penn, CEO of Future Horizons.
Energy sector to start layoff 1/22/2015
Last week, Schlumberger Ltd., the world's largest oil drilling services company, announced 9,000 jobs — just over 7 percent of its global workforce — would be cut in response to tumbling oil prices.
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