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Sunday, December 21, 2014
Industry News
Apple to drive developers towards 64bit apps 12/19/2014
Now Apple had sent out reminders to developers asking them to ensure that their apps are 64-bit compatible, and recently Apple has issued another reminder to developers informing them of their deadline which is by the 1st of June.
Emerging memory technologies making headway 12/19/2014
MRAM technology would provide a non-volatile memory replacement for fast but volatile static and dynamic RAM (SRAM and DRAM). Resistive random access memory (RRAM) is another promising solid-state storage technology with the potential for displacing NAND flash memory sometime in the future.
Machine to regenerate 3D printer plastic spools 12/19/2014
Start-up ReDeTec is promoting a desktop filament extruder. Dubbed the ProtoCycle. the unit comes complete with a built-in grinder, computer control, safety certification and real-time diameter feedback.
Smart window adjust sunlight to save energy 12/19/2014
The NTU smart window however can be turned into a cool blue tint in bright daylight, cutting light penetration by about half, and then reverts back to clear glass at night or as required.
IBM paper might cause PCM development to change direction 12/18/2014
For PCM, non-volatility/data-retention is no longer essential. It might cause many PCM developers, who for a long time have been struggling with the problem, to breathe a sigh of relief.
"Angry Birds" in trade mark dispute 12/18/2014
Seattle artist who says she was cheated out of millions of dollars when the company that sold her line of plush pet toys called "Angry Birds".
Federal jury found Apple not guilty on iPod suit 12/18/2014
In the last 24 hours Apple was victorious in fighting the class-action lawsuit over its iPod prices and American Apparel has officially fired its founder and CEO.
Russian economy suffers with oil prices and sanctions 12/18/2014
Mr. Putin in a 'nothing-to-lose' situation removes any constraint he might have had against reneging on his foreign debt obligations, which Russian borrowers probably cannot pay off or service now. Foreign lenders would have to brace for $670 billion in losses.
Advanced Packaging Industry Report shows growth in Package and Test 12/17/2014
In the age of 2.5D and 3D, their scope of business has been greatly expanded, primarily including micro bumping, thin and reveal, interposer, via middle, WL-carrier assembly, etc.
HGST gets Skyera as Christmas present 12/17/2014
HGST is getting itself a NAND array design powerhouse to add to its existing NAND technology assets. We would guesstimate there was with SanDisk and Seagate in the frame too and so would estimate WD's buying price at maybe $400m or more.
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