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Friday, August 29, 2014
Industry News
UMC Board approved JV with Fujitsu 8/29/2014
Under the joint venture, a 12-inch wafer plant in Mie Prefecture in Japan will manufacture 28,000 wafers per month for use in image sensors and automobile electronics, according to UMC.
Volve - a Chinese automotive company 8/29/2014
Back in 2010, Ford sold Swedish carmaker, Volvo, to a Chinese company known as Geely, and only now, is the company hitting the Chinese market with its first vehicle to be rid of Ford tech, the XC90.
Apple failed to halt Samsung in court 8/29/2014
Apple hadn't adequately proven Samsung's intellectual theft had hurt its sales or diminished its reputation for innovation. Judge Koh noted that Apple had previously licensed some of the features that Samsung infringed upon to the makers of other smartphones that competed against the iPhone, too.
Nokia to desert China for Vietnam 8/29/2014
The transfer is a big leap Microsoft is making following its acquisition of the smartphone company. Nokia will shut down all Komarom facilities in Hungary as well as part of the Beijing and Dongguan plants in China, and repurpose the Reynosa factory in Mexico as a service centre.
Samsung starts production on 3D DDR4 memory module 8/28/2014
3D TSV is an innovative packaging technology that vertically interconnects stacked dies. With its introduction of the new TSV modules, Samsung has further strengthened its technological leadership in the “3D memory” era.
Is US Industrial sector fully recovered? 8/28/2014
“U.S. manufacturing production is 95% recovered from its September 2007 prerecession peak and will be fully recovered by the end of this year.”
JEDEC released LPDDR4 mobile DRAM standard 8/28/2014
"It is intended to meet the power, bandwidth, packaging, cost and compatibility requirements of the world's most advanced mobile systems."
Fairchild to shut down older fabs 8/28/2014
While the industry is moving toward larger wafers, these actions are expected to increase eight-inch wafer production from the current total wafer output of 30 per cent to approximately 75 per cent.
Durable good orders up 8/27/2014
Orders for durable goods rose 22.6 percent in July on a seasonally adjusted basis, the largest one-month gain on record. The strength came from a 318 percent increase in orders for civilian aircraft.
China to develope its own OS 8/27/2014
In the Chinese government's point of view, the U.S. surveillance program and Microsoft's PC OS monopoly, compounded by a mobile market dominated by Google's Android OS and Apple's iPhones, all combine as perfect justification for the Chinese government to pitch its own OS.
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