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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Industry News
Notebook sales brought glamour to Campal 7/23/2014
Compal, which has overtaken Quanta Computer Inc (AB) as the worldfs largest contract notebook computer maker, benefits when market demand for corporate laptops is stabilized, even though it is still premature to say the overall PC market is in full recovery.
Nvidia to release frist gaming tablet 7/23/2014
We think its perfect for those millions of gamers out there that want a tablet, he said in a phone interview. Were targeting an end user that we know very well.
Microsoft turns to designers for product convinence and style 7/23/2014
Designers today are woven into the process, from the early stages of product development to the way products are marketed to consumers.
Lattice provides low cost FPGA for mass applications 7/23/2014
Aimed at high-volume small-cell, microserver, broadband access and video applications, ECP5 FPGAs have twice the functional density of competing devices in a 10 x 10mm package, and come in at 40 per cent less cost and 30 per cent less power.
KIMTIGO to participate at China Sourcing Fair in Jakarta 7/22/2014
Having secured its dominant position on Memory market, the company extended its product lines to flash card, flash drive, SSD, and power bank years ago. For higher global market share, TIGO was altered to KIMTIGO for successful registration in all main countries.
Apple readying 80 million displays for next gen iPhone 7/22/2014
Foxconn and Pegatron Corp plan to start mass producing the 4.7-inch iPhone model next month, and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, whose parent is Foxconn, will begin making the 5.5-inch version exclusively in September.
Toshiba want $1.1B from SK Hynix in court 7/22/2014
Toshiba and U.S. partner SanDisk Corp filed separate civil lawsuits against SK Hynix seeking damages over the suspected theft of data related to their flagship flash memory chip technology used in smartphones and tablet computers.
Laser sensor to sniff explosives 7/22/2014
Researchers has found a way to dramatically increase the sensitivity of a light-based plasmon sensor to detect incredibly minute concentrations of explosives. They noted that the sensor could potentially be used to sniff out a hard-to-detect explosive popular among terrorists.
ChipMOS to package Toshiba 15nm Nand 7/21/2014
For the new orders from Toshiba, ChipMOS is expected to ramp up its capex budget for 2014 to NT$3 billion (US$100 million) compared to NT$2.5 billion set previously.
Global DRAM module sales grew 32% last year 7/21/2014
The top-10 vendors accounted for 88% of total memory module sales in 2013, with Kingston Technology leading all vendors, Taiwan-based Adata Technology and China-based Ramaxel Technology took the second and third positions.
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