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Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Industry News
Home automation needs real problem solving products 11/26/2014
The term "smart home" is too geeky, and the home shouldn't be smarter than you.
Cruise ships use new technology to enhance WiFi 11/26/2014
Cruise company, Carnival Corporation & plc, recently announced a "hybrid" approach using multiple access technologies and algorithms to switch among in-port Wi-Fi, long-range Wi-Fi and satellites.
Macronix positioned to lead automotive NOR market 11/26/2014
Macronix target a 50% share of the global automotive NOR flash market, and aims to be the number one supplier by 2017.
Samsung recieved license to expand in Vietnam 11/26/2014
South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (005930.KS) has secured a license to invest $3 billion to expand its production in northern Vietnam, the Vietnamese government said. The license was awarded on Nov. 17 in Thai Nguyen province, where Samsung Electronics has been operating a $2 billion smartphone plant, the government said in a statement issued late on Monday, without giving further details of the project. Samsung Electronics has said it plans to invest up to $3 billion for its handset business in Vietnam as part of its strategy to cut costs and better compete with Chinese rivals.
3D printed molecular LED opens up possiblities 11/25/2014
The researchers believe that the current technology could be used to make smart contact lenses with built-in displays, or bionic implants that use lights to stimulate nerves.
Automobile manufacturers concern about hackers 11/25/2014
Hackers worked on behalf of the U.S. military, which along with the auto industry is scrambling to fortify the cyber defenses of commercially available cars before criminals and even terrorists penetrate them.
Users are demanding HD display on small devices 11/25/2014
Bitmap displays are no longer able to meet the evolving challenges. For example, connected devices must deal with a wider range of unpredictable text and more font sizes, which makes it much harder to pre-configure a sufficient range of bitmaps to deal with all situations.
Japan determine to lead the smart home revolutions 11/25/2014
Positioning Echonet as the linchpin of the smart home initiative, Japan earnestly pursued the idea of energy management. That was, of course, well before Google bought Nest.
Revolutionary material molecularize flash memories 11/24/2014
The group of 13 researchers said that polyoxometalate (POM) molecules can act as storage nodes for MOS flash memory allowing for massive amounts of data to be recorded in small spaces.
Defining a Smart Home 11/24/2014
The dream of the smart home is still being shaped. Ironically, though many of us have chosen to live apart from our extended families and communities, we have begun to desire products and features that are always connected to each other and to us.
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