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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Industry News
Xilinx completed validation on DDR4 memory controller 4/16/2014
“Together with Agilent, we have given customers the ability to accelerate the development of high-performance memory designs,”
Fujitsu and Panasonic chip operations to combine 4/16/2014
Panasonic and Fujitsu plan to transfer some 3,000 workers to the new company, they said.
New architecture packs 100GbE memory 4/16/2014
This architecture can streamline bandwidth and latency intensive functions like buffering and table indexing, along with offloading recursive/iterative functions such as exact match and longest prefix match.
Amazon to enter market with 3D smartphone 4/16/2014
The new augmented reality feature means that 3D items from Amazon's online catalogue can pop-up in front of the users' eyes, right in place of the real thing and at a better price.
Graphene - the wonder material for new semiconductors 4/15/2014
Graphene could change the electronics industry, ushering in flexible devices, supercharged quantum computers, electronic clothing and computers that can interface with the cells in your body.
Heartbleed can reach into areas not awared 4/15/2014
So far they have identified two dozen networking devices affected by Heartbleed. That list includes servers, routers, switches, phones and video cameras used by businesses everywhere.
3D printing coming from your neigbourhood Staples 4/15/2014
"3D printing offers enormous potential for small businesses, and by using Staples, they can print with the technology without having to invest in it,"
Autonomous driving technology advancing 4/15/2014
DEEVA will be equipped with a unique and extremely comprehensive set of sensors that provides a complete 3D representation of the vehicle's environment. To generate this representation, high amounts of data have to be processed at very high real-time requirements.
NASA Releases 1,000 Apps to Public 4/14/2014
Now NASA wants to make better use of its intellectual asset portfolio and is releasing a software catalogue with more than 1,000 applications that are available for free to the public.
Retail sales surge in March at fastest pace in 1 1/2 years 4/14/2014
The Commerce Department said Monday that seasonally adjusted retail sales increased 1.1% in March. Officials also revised February's figure up to a strong 0.7%, from an initially reported 0.3%.
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