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          Contact Us

          Medical Insurance Plan Contacts


          short-term primary medical insurance for new
          international/ exchange students

          Toll Free (North America): 1-877-873-8447

          Other: 905-731-8140

          Enrollment Inquiries: admin@guard.me

          Claims Inquiries: claims@guard.me

          BC Medical Services Plan

          primary medical insurance plan for all BC residents

          Vancouver: 604-683-7151

          Toll-free: 1-800-663-7100

          SFSS and GSS Health and Dental Plan

          secondary benefit plan for undergrad and grad students

          Health & Dental Plan Office: MBC 2240, SFU Burnaby Campus
          Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm

          Phone: 1-866-369-8795                                                                     

          SFU Contacts

          International Services for Students

          for international and exchange students

          Phone: 778-782-4232

          Email: intl_advising@sfu.ca

          Human Resources

          for SFU employees who receive medical coverage benefits

          Phone: 778-782-3237

          Email: human_resources@sfu.ca

          Health and Counselling Services

          for appointments and information on campus services

          Phone: 778-782-4615

          Email: intake@sfu.ca (counselling)

          Campus Security

          for dealing with emergencies at SFU

          Burnaby campus: 778-782-4500 or 2-4500 (campus phone)

          Vancouver campus: 778-782-5252 or 2-5252 (campus phone)

          Surrey campus: 778-782-7511 or 2-7511 (campus phone)

          Off-campus emergencies: 911

          SFU Student Accounts

          for questions about charges on your student account

          Phone: 778-782-6930

          Email: student_accounts@sfu.ca


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