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          Indigenous Graduate Student Travel Award

          Annual deadlines: November, April and July

          Gitumden Territory (Photo taken in Smithers, B.C.), Photo by: Michelle Buchholz, Masters of Public Policy
          1. The purpose of the Indigenous Graduate Travel Award is to provide financial support for Indigenous graduate students for the travel component important to their research. Students can only apply for the Indigenous travel award once per academic year. Indigenous graduate students may apply for this fund before their travel to pay for costs in advance.
          2. To be eligible for this award, the following criteria must be met:
            1. This award is for Indigenous graduate students attending Simon Fraser University.
            2. Indigenous or “Aboriginal” is defined by Canada’s 1982 Constitution as people identified as First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples of Canada.
          3. Disbursements of up to $1000 each may be applied for in each academic year (starting September 1 of each year).
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          5. Repeat applications will be allowed from year-to-year. Preference, however, will be given to students who have not yet received money from this fund (this is at the discretion of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies).
          6. Application is made on the online Grad Awards, Application and Adjudication System (GA3) and includes:
            • A completed budget which accounts for the requested amount; 
            • A letter of support from the applicant’s academic supervisor or a faculty member familiar with your work (to verify the student’s academic status, intent, and need).

          Student Deadline(s):
          There are three competitions throughout the year as listed below. Students should apply as soon as they know their travel plans.

          • November 30, 2019
          • April 15, 2020
          • July 30, 2020                                                                                                                    

          Travel Report
          Upon completion of travel, successful applicants will need to submit the following within two weeks to the Graduate Awards Assistant: gpsaward@sfu.ca

          • A concise Travel and Activity Report, written in language suitable for the general public. This report will be published on the Graduate Studies blog with other graduate student travel reports. If you do not wish for your travel report to be published, please indicate so in your cover email.

          The following should be included in your report:

          • The activities that were carried out, in respect to how the travel contributed to your research and/or scholarly activities
          • Optional: Any unanticipated benefits derived from the travel, including those in relation to your current research objectives an/or to your general experience as a graduate student
          • Optional: Any special issues or problems you encountered

          Failure to submit these forms in a timely manner may affect future applications for grants and awards.

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