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          Student Status

          Enrolled students often have additional requests or questions about changing their student status.

          The information on this page should help you find answers to the most common questions.

          If you need additional support, please email gradstudies@sfu.ca.

          Part-time studies

          While most graduate studies programs are on a full-time basis, the following programs expect their students to be working full-time and have scheduled their classes to accommodate working adults.

          The following program may be taken on a part-time basis but students are expected to be able to attend day-time classes on weekdays.

          Taking Courses at Other Institutions

          If you wish to take a course at an institution other than a Western Canadian university please submit the application to take courses at another institution for credit at SFU (student must pay applicable fees at both institutions).

          The Western Canadian Universities, including UBC, UNBC, and UVic in BC have agreed to allow students to take courses at each other’s institutions for credit to their degrees and at minimal cost. (See our Dates and Deadlines page for the actual deadline for this term.)

          Please note these terms of the Western Deans Agreement:

          • Graduate students will pay normal tuition fees to their home institution
          • Students may be required to pay activity fees or other ancillary fees to their host institution, according to host institution policies
          • Students should ensure that the course outside their home institution will be accepted as transfer credit to their graduate degree programs.
          • After the end of the WDA term, students are required to order an official transcript from the host institution and have it sent to the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies.
          • Grades received for courses taken at other universities will not be included in SFU students' GPA calculations, though the units earned will be applied to their total credits.

          Course audits

          Graduate students may audit courses, with permission of the instructor, senior supervisor and graduate program chair of the student's department. Such audits are recorded as AU on the student’s transcript.

          Prior to enrolment, the student and instructor must agree on the requirements for auditing the class. These requirements must include regular attendance at class meetings, completion of readings and participation in class activities.

          Audited courses will not count toward degree requirements.

          A student may change enrolment status in a course from audit to regular enrolment, or from regular enrolment to audit until the deadline for late enrolment for the term. Normally, no further change in enrolment status will be permitted after that date.

          See Graduate General Regulations 1.4.6.

          To audit a course please fill out the Graduate Course Change form.

          Undergraduate course enrollment

          While graduate students may register in undergraduate courses, these courses will not count towards the minimum course requirement for Master's or Doctoral programs. See Graduate General Regulations 1.7.6.

          If you wish to register in an undergraduate course, please consult with your supervisor and/or your graduate program assistant. A Graduate Course Change form will need to be completed. 

          Please note:

          • students who take courses that are outside their program requirements will pay the rate for the courses in which they enroll, in addition to their regular graduate tuition payable. See additional fee info.
          • international graduate students who take an undergraduate course that is not part of their graduate program requirements will pay international undergraduate fees
          • students who register in undergraduate courses and then drop them after certain deadlines will pay a penalty for reducing the total number of credits. See undergraduate deadlines (Click on "Fees: payment and refunds/penalties").
          • undergraduate courses do not count toward either the graduate student's units earned or toward their CGPA in the graduate program. The grade will appear on the transcript but is not included toward the degree.

          Non-degree students

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          Application is through the graduate program committee in the department in which the student wishes to work; applicants are advised to contact the department before submitting an application (see 1.3.1).

          Transcripts of previous university work (or proof of obtaining a degree) will be required at the time of application, but letters of reference will not necessarily be required.

          No credit will be given towards any degree offered by the University for courses completed as a non-degree student except, under unusual circumstances, on petition to the senate graduate studies committee.

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