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          Frequently Asked Questions

          The following is a list of frequently asked questions relating to current students. If your question is not answered on this website, please email gradstudies@sfu.ca.

          What is the deadline for deferred grades? Can I get an extension?

          A grade may be deferred only to the last day of the first month of the semester following the semester in which the course was taken.

          • Fall semester course: Deferred grade should be changed to a final grade no later than January 31
          • Spring semester course: Deferred grade should be changed to a final grade no later than May 31
          • Summer semester course: Deferred grade should be changed to a final grade no later than September 30

          There may be occasional cases in which it is reasonable to extend a deferred grade past the deadline. In such cases, a request for an extended deferral should be documented by the graduate program chair and brought to the Dean of Graduate Studies for approval before the end of the first month of the semester following that in which the course was taken.

          If I get a C on a graduate course, do I need to withdraw from the program?

          The minimum grade requirement to remain in a graduate program is a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0.

          If the C doesn't bring you below the 3.0 CGPA, you do not need to withdraw from the program.

          Can another academic institution or employer check my SFU grades?

          Other academic institutions or employment screening services may contact SFU to confirm or verify your grades and education records.

          They must supply written permission from you.

          Please note: If you have graduated, it is in the public record, so does not require written permission from you.

          Can I get SFU business cards as a graduate student?

          Yes, if you need business cards as part of your research work, you can order graduate student business cards. Please see here for ordering details.

          I have recently completed my degree requirements. Can I order a temporary degree completion confirmation?

          You can order a Confirmation of Enrollment letter through your SIMS account. This letter will include your completion date. The degree completion letter cannot be issued until SFU's Senate has approved your degree.

          I have been admitted to Simon Fraser University, but have had difficulties obtaining my international student visa. May I defer my admission date or postpone my arrival?

          Students approved for admission may request that their admission be deferred to a future semester. This is often the case for international students who can have difficulty obtaining a student visa or students who have been delayed in completing a previous program.

          A department can submit a request for deferral (usually an e-mail) to GPS for processing. After processing, a revised admission letter is generated and mailed.

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          When a department approves a deferral request, the request is submitted to the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies office for processing. Once the deferral has been processed, a revised admission letter is generated and sent to the student.

          NOTE: Some graduate programs do not grant admission deferrals.

          Important Note: If you have enrolled in courses, you must drop your courses on your Student Account within the first 13 days of the term or you will face financial penalties. See deadlines. If you arrive at a later date, you can discuss re-enrolling in those courses with your graduate program.

          Where can I get my Canadian degree or transcripts authenticated so that they will be accepted in a foreign country? 

          Authentication/legalization services are also offered by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, the Ministry of Justice in British Columbia, as well at most Canadian Embassies and Consulates abroad. 

          Can graduate students register in undergraduate courses? 

          Yes, but there are a number of regulations. Please see the Registration Status page.

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