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          Academic Progress Report (APR)

          The Academic Progress Report (APR) is an interactive course mapping tool designed to help current graduate students understand their degree and program requirements.

          As a graduate student progresses through their active academic program, the APR will show which program requirements have been satisfied and which are still outstanding. 

          The APR uses courses that a graduate student has taken during their current academic career and shows which courses have been used, or could be used, to satisfy the requirements. Generating an APR is as simple as pressing a button as all of the information is automatically pulled from the Student Information Management System.

          Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report. If you believe some information is incorrect, please contact your graduate program assistant.


          • The APR does not guarantee that your degree/program will be awarded once all of the program requirements have become satisfied. Regular interactions with your academic unit are still required to ensure that you can graduate.
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          • When you enroll in capstone courses (e.g. thesis, project, extended essays), the requirement will display 'Satisfied' even though the course is still in progress. Please keep in mind that in order to graduate, you will need to receive a 'CO' grade.

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