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          SFU's Big Data Scholarships

          SFU’s Big Data Initiative, aims to support the next generation of big data research leaders. SFU's Big Data Graduate Scholarship provides an opportunity for Master's and PhD students to incorporate big data approaches, tools, and analysis into their research.

          Whether you’re interested in applying data-intensive methods to your research for the first time, wanting to expand your research insights with big (or small) datasets, or looking to pivot your field of research towards data-driven discoveries and computation, the Big Data Scholarship may be for you — no matter your domain, discipline, or level of expertise.

          SFU enables students to engage in data-intensive and computationally-driven research in their field, when they might not otherwise have that opportunity. In doing so, the Big Data Graduate Scholarship supports students in unlocking the potential of big data across new and diverse research fields.

          Interested applicants should read the Terms of Reference below to ensure they are eligible. Eligible applicants will apply using the Graduate Award, Application and Adjudication System (GA3). Interested applicants should search "Big Data" in the keyword search on the Search tab. These awards are generally posted in the spring months to receive applications and paid in the proceeding Summer, Fall, and Spring terms.

          The next competition for these awards will be run in May 2019, with a student deadline of June 28, 2019

          Terms of Reference

          1. SFU's Big Data Graduate Scholarship is a merit based award valued at $6,500.
          2. Preference will be given to proposals from students whose previous research did NOT focus on data-driven tools, approaches, or analysis; or whose research impact will be enhanced through greater data-intensive approaches and analysis. 
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          4. While there is no restriction on Big Data scholarship recipients receiving income for work performed during the tenure of this scholarship, recipients are expect to limit the number of hours worked weekly and restrict positions to those that are keeping with the spirit of the awards.
          5. Recipients should be aware that some external awards may restrict students from holding the Big Data Scholarship at the same time as an external award.
          6. Students holding a national award from SSHRC, NSERC, or CIHR, or their equivalent (i.e. SFU Entrance Scholarship, Queen Elizabeth II Scholarships or a major international award) are not eligible to hold the Big Data Scholarship during the period in which they are holding the other award.
          7. Students may only receive one Big Data Scholarship over the course of their degree.
          8. SFU Big Data Scholarship holders will also be eligible to participate in big data training workshops offered through SFU’s Big Data Hub.
          9. Application is made through the Graduate Award, Application and Adjudication System (GA3).
          10. Awards are granted by the Senate Graduate Awards Adjudication Committee on the recommendations of the Big Data Initiative Student Award Committee.
          11. Applicants will need to attach the following to their GA3 application:
            1. all transcripts (on the 'Academic History' tab)
            2. an updated CV (on the 'checklist' tab)
            3. a summary of research which includes a description of how you will incorporate big data approaches, tools, and analysis into your research (on the 'checklist' tab)

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